Justin Bieber On A Mission To Show Selena Gomez And Friends He’s A ‘Different Guy’ Now

Fans of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber know they have a long history together. Justin broke her heart in the past, but after Selena’s recent breakup with The Weeknd, the rumors have been flying around that Selena and Justin are back together. Gomez’s fans have been hesitant about this one, as they don’t want Bieber to hurt her again.

Despite her fans being hesitant, it looks like Justin Bieber wants to convince Selena Gomez and her friends that he is not the same person that hurt her before, according to Hollywood Life. A source told them that Justin has gone through a “metamorphosis” since they were together last time and he wants people to know it.

“Justin has gone through a complete metamorphosis since he and Selena last dated. He just simply isn’t that person anymore. He’s determined to show Selena, her friends and family that he isn’t that guy now. He’s done a lot of growing up in the past couple years and it shows. He’s really an incredible, loving, focused and good hearted guy and wants everyone to see it.”

The first time Justin and Selena dated, it was a very public relationship. That means their tumultuous breakup was highly publicized. Hollywood Life reported that Bieber’s troubled past was one of the reasons their romance didn’t work the first time. However, Jelena fans are hoping things will be different this time around. It looks like Justin is hoping things will be different this time around also, as his new attitude and life choices are making it seem like it may work out very well.


Hollywood Life recently reported also that Selena Gomez is “crazy in love” with Justin Bieber again since their reunion. They stated that she seems “very light and joyful” since they started dating again.

The couple started rumors of them dating again once it was revealed that Selena and The Weeknd broke up after 10 months of dating. Since then, Hollywood Life stated that Justin and Selena have been inseparable. They may be inseparable, but it looks like the couple did spend Thanksgiving apart, as Justin was not seen in Selena’s family photos.


He may not have been at the Gomez’s Thanksgiving, but Justin is hoping to show Selena and her friends that he is changing his ways. That may take time, especially with how much he hurt her the first time around. However, it looks like Selena is willing to give it a try and Hollywood Life reported that Selena has never looked happier since their reunion.

[Featured Image by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images]