Are ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Writers Quietly Telling Us That The End Is Near?

Grey’s Anatomy introduced six new interns at Grey Sloan Memorial this season. While the newcomers remind us a lot of younger versions of Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Alex (Justin Chambers), is their presence a subtle hint that the end of the show is near?

It Is No Mistake That The New Interns Seem Familiar

According to Pop Sugar, the new group of interns shares a lot of similarities to Meredith and Alex’s class. Not only are they goofy and clueless, but they hook up in the same rooms and suffer from the same self-doubts that plagued their predecessors. For example, in the 300th episode, we watched as some of the interns claimed the same hangout room that Meredith and her friends shared in early seasons.

It’s clear that Shonda Rhimes and company want us to see the similarities between the groups, but why? It’s possible that the series is just cashing in on a little nostalgia and cleverly giving fans a look back on the good old days. But they also might symbolize the coming of a new era and the end of the show as we know it.

Will Grey’s Follow The Trend Set By Other Medical TV Shows?

Grey’s Anatomy has had a great run so far, but, as hard as it may sound, the show will come to an end someday. Other medical dramas, like House and Scrubs, ended after introducing a slate of new interns.

Grey’s Anatomy is different in that ratings are still high, and the network hasn’t shown any interest in canceling it. Even still, Shonda Rhimes might be wanting to take a much-needed break after 14 years working on the same show. She’s also working on a spin-off for Netflix and recently announced this is the last season of Scandal. Is Grey’s Anatomy next?

Only Shonda Rhimes And Ellen Pompeo Know When The End Will Happen

If Grey’s Anatomy is near the end, Pop Sugar reported that the only people who know for sure are Pompeo and Rhimes. In an interview with Variety earlier this year, the actress explained how the show will end when she is tired of playing Meredith. Pompeo, unfortunately, didn’t say whether that would happen in the near future, so we can always hope for a few more seasons.

Season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy continues next year on ABC.

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