Missing Teen Suspected Of Killing Grandmother Found In U.S.-Canada Border

Teen Wanted For Grandmother's Death Found

Teen Wanted For Grandmother's Death Found

Jacksonville police arrested and detained 15 year-old Logan Mott at the U.S.-Canada border. Police suspect Logan of killing his own grandmother.

Kristina French, 53 years-old, was found in a shallow grave in a Neptune Beach backyard. The grave was near Jacksonville.

Logan Mott’s father, Eric Mott, who is a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office corrections officer, went on vacation and Kristina was looking after the younger Mott.

Upon Eric Mott’s return from vacation, Logan and Kristina failed to fetch them at the airport. He found his home ravaged and abandoned. Weapons from his gun safe were missing. He also found Kristina’s home ravaged. Her weapons and her 2015 Dodge Dart were also missing.

Police issued a warrant of arrest on an auto theft charge for Logan. He was also wanted for questioning about his grandmother’s death.

Logan’s mother, Carrie Campbell-Mott, who lives in Missouri, told the police that she spoke with Logan on Sunday and that he sounded normal. Logan did not show up at school on Monday and Tuesday.

The police treated Logan and Kristina as missing persons since Wednesday. They changed this status as soon as they found Kristina’s body.

As reported by the Florida Times Union, Police found what they refer to as potential signs of foul play and violence in Logan’s home. The investigators discovered the grave in the backyard. Crime-scene units and teams of investigators were at the Motts’ and Kristina’s house since Wednesday. The police assured the people in the community that Kristina’s death and the weapons theft is probably an isolated case.

Logan’s mother posted pleas for Logan and Kristina’s safe return on her Facebook page on Thanksgiving morning before Logan’s arrest.

As reported by the Miami Herald, a security camera captured an image of Logan and the car on Thursday at 1:15 p.m.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office tweeted on Friday that it apprehended the 15 year-old Logan Mott and detained him at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection office. He tried to enter Canada from the Buffalo, New York, area when police arrested him.

Following Logan’s arrest, Carrie stated on Good Morning America that they feel relieved Logan is safe.

[Featured Image by Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office]