Loud Boom In Liverpool Sends Residents Into Frenzy, But It’s Not One Of Those ‘Bama Booms’

Just days after a similar noise had left residents of a Colorado town baffled and concerned, another “loud boom” was heard over Liverpool, England, early on Saturday morning. With the term “Bama Boom” going viral in recent days, and reports of several unexplained exploding noises still throwing off researchers, the noise in Liverpool created quite the social media stir in the immediate aftermath of the incident. But it didn’t take long for reports to reveal the actual source of the noise, and confirm that nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

According to a report from the Liverpool Echo, the noise was heard at around 4:30 a.m. on Saturday, November 25, waking up residents, many of whom took to social media to speculate on what caused the loud boom. Some Liverpool residents suggested that the noise came from an explosion, adding that they heard police sirens shortly thereafter. Others said that the “explosion” was followed by the sound of car alarms going off, with some houses reportedly shaking for a few moments after the noise was heard.

The KloppClips Twitter account asked followers if they heard “what sounded like a big explosion” in South Liverpool, and as the Liverpool Echo noted, later on replied to a Twitter user, suggesting that the noise was “weird,” and reminiscent of the start of the alien invasion H.G. Wells wrote about in The War of The Worlds.


As it turned out, the loud boom in Liverpool came from something far more believable than an alien invasion, as some Twitter users who commented on the noise had speculated correctly. The Liverpool Echo wrote that the explosion-like noise was, in fact, the sound of thunder, as there was a thunderstorm taking place at the same time that the booming noise was heard.

The mystery of the loud boom in Liverpool was quickly solved, and like the recent explosion-like sound heard in Lochbuie, Colorado, there was a plausible reason behind it. But Mother Nature Network wrote that there are still several other noises of this kind that remain unexplained, including a recent one in Alabama that gave rise to the term “Bama Boom.” As previously noted by the Inquisitr, scientists are still trying to pinpoint the exact causes of these noises, which have been believed to come from aircraft sonic booms, meteorites, or ground explosions, among other potential sources.

[Featured Image by Julie Src/Shutterstock]