iPhone X Faces Some Backlash After Three Weeks

The release of the iPhone X has been the most exciting iPhone release since 2007. The device has sold out instantly while receiving solid reviews. CNET gave Apple’s latest iPhone four-and-a-half-stars, even though they indicated the phone wasn’t for everyone.

“iPhone X is an overdue and winning evolution of the iPhone, but you’ll need to leave your comfort zone to make a jump into the face-recognizing future.”

Trusted Reviews also gave the device four-and-a-half stars. Reviewer Max Parker claimed that the new iPhone is the best he’s ever used, but he understood that people would balk at the price. Judging from early sales, not many are afraid to pay over $1,000 for a new smartphone, although many are making payments instead of paying for the smartphone up front.

But after all the initial hype has died down, does the iPhone X really live up to the hype? Dennis Green from Business Insider doesn’t think so.

“I still remember the excitement I felt peeling back the protective plastic from my shiny new iPhone X. What a gorgeous piece of technology. That feeling didn’t last,” Green claimed, adding that the phone is impossible to use with one hand.

Jake Swearingen of Slate also returned his iPhone X. Although he was quite impressed with Apple’s latest smartphone, he didn’t think that the phone justified it’s $1,000+ price tag. Others have complained about the iPhone’s OLED screen, which Trusted Reviews recently wrote an article about.

“Unfortunately, despite the iPhone X having been out for just three days, Apple is already warning users that their new handset might encounter screen problems.”

The article adds a statement from Apple which points out that with extended long-term use, OLED displays can show some slight visual changes that can include image persistence and burn-in, where the the display shows a slight remnant of an image even after a new one appears on screen. Other manufacturers who produce smartphones with OLED screens have had similar issues.

There are even some complaints about the iPhone X on Twitter.


However, there are still more people who are happy with the iPhone X than those who are dissatisfied. One example is Ben Lovejoy of 9to5Mac, who not only is in love with the screen, but doesn’t miss the Home button like others do. Many on Reddit‘s iPhone X discussion love the iPhone X’s camera, especially the new Portrait mode that offers different types of lighting.

It’s also true that any product that experiences the same hype as the iPhone X is bound to experience some backlash once all the initial hype wears down. After all is said and done, the iPhone X is set to become one of Apple’s best-selling products ever — and that’s not just hype.

[Featured Image by Daryl Deino]