‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 117 Recap And Review: Androids 17 And 18 Just Heralded The Death Of Universe 2

Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 just aired, and it featured what could only be one of the most satisfying eliminations in the Tournament of Power. Finally, after months of tormenting Universe 7 warriors and a huge number of DBS fans, Ribrianne of Universe 2 was eliminated, thanks to the combined efforts of Android 17 and Android 18.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 117, titled “Showdown of Love! The Androids vs. Universe 2!!” definitely lived up to its title. The episode, at its core, featured a battle between two powerful female warriors, both fighting in some degree for love — Ribrianne, Universe 2’s most powerful warrior, who fights for the idea of love; and Android 18, U7’s fighter who is fighting for the love she feels for her family and her husband.

While Android 18 and Ribrianne’s battle was the central conflict of the episode, several other Universe 7 fighters also had their chance to shine in DBS Episode 117. Gohan and Piccolo, for one, continued their feud against the Namekians of Universe 6. Vegeta opted to go head-to-head with Kaphseral, and Goku ended up in a lopsided battle against other U2 warriors, as noted by DBS fan-translator Herms98.

The real battle of the episode was between Android 17 and 18, and the tandem of Ribrianne and Rozie. The Universe 2 warriors, as shown in previous episodes, were no pushovers, and the two female fighters showed their chops in DBS Episode 117. Then again, the Androids are among the top fighters of Universe 7 too. Thus, in a lot of ways, the episode featured the perfect ingredients for an awesome tag team battle.

True to form, Rozie and Ribrianne managed to give the Androids a pretty good fight. Unfortunately for Rozie, she fell prey to Android 17 and 18. Right after the Androids were shot at by Ribrianne’s Max Love Cannon, Rozie ended up being eliminated.

Now alone, Ribrianne placed everything she had in one final attack. Carrying all the love from her teammates, she managed to imprison Android 18. Being inspired by her love for her family, Android 18 managed to break free, and, together with Android 17, opted to go after Universe 2’s strongest fighter.

The final blow that ultimately got Ribrianne eliminated came from Android 18, who, seemingly echoing the sentiments of the Dragon Ball Super community, defeated the U2 fighter by literally punching a hole in her. With that, U2’s powerhouse was soundly beaten, and Universe 2 got a little bit closer to being erased.

Overall, Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 was quite a joy to watch. The fight scenes between Ribrianne and Rozie and the Androids were well directed and choreographed. Ribrianne’s final attack and subsequent elimination under the hands of Android 18 was quite notable too. If any, DBS fans seemed to have enjoyed the episode, as could be seen in the positive reactions of anime fans in the r/dbz subreddit.

Dragon Ball Super airs every Monday morning in Japan and is available for streaming in the West through services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.

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