Toni Kelly Death: Instagram Star Tries To Take Selfie Hanging Out Of Window, Accidentally Falls To Her Death

One of her last posts read, ‘I’m never gonna grow up’

Toni Kelly is known for taking selfies to show off her travels to her thousands of Instagram fans, and that seemingly innocent act ended up leading to her death.

The 20-year-old New Zealander died earlier this month when she tried to hang out of a second-story window of her home outside of London to take a selfie and ended up falling to the ground below, the New York Post reported. Kelly suffered a severe brain injury and later died.

Local officials are conducting a hearing into Kelly’s death, which is set to take place early next year. A spokesperson for the Inner West London Corner noted that it was confirmed that Kelly had fallen from the window, but it was not clear whether they might investigate if foul play was involved.

Those close to Toni Kelly remembered her as a kind-hearted young woman who loved life and sharing her happy moments with followers online.

“When we were young Toni was one of those people that never had anything bad to say about anyone, she was super girly, laid back and fun which I loved,” friend Paige Hourigan said (via the Standard). “I remember just laughing and giggling with her all the time about nothing. She was a beautiful girl that will definitely always be remembered – especially for that smile.”

After her death, family and friends of Toni Kelly helped raise money for costs of her funeral and to have her body flown back to her native New Zealand. The Give A Little fundraiser brought in close to $40,000 and attracted condolences from many who were touched by her story.

In a sad twist of fate, one of Toni Kelly’s final messages online she seemed to foretell her fate. On one of her pictures, Kelly had written, “”Might as well be Peter Pan cause I’m never gonna grow up.”

Family members spoke out this week, noting that Kelly loved sports and had moved to London to register in a teaching program. Kelly shared pictures of her travels on Instagram, where she had thousands of followers.


Kelly’s tragic and unusual death drew international headlines, though some of the details of her selfie death remained a mystery.

Though the story was tragic, Toni Kelly’s bizarre death did bring at least a ray of light. As The Sun reported, Kelly donated her organs after her death, allowing her death to help others in desperate need.

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