New ‘Avengers 4’ Casting Call Hints At Major Plot Line For Vision And Scarlet Witch

Avengers: Infinity War may have wrapped filming, but its sequel is in the midst of production. The untitled Avengers 4 flick is currently shooting in Atlanta, and a new casting call might hint at a major storyline for Vision and Scarlet Witch.

The casting call has been issued for identical twin boys. The boys must be 2-years-old and Caucasian, according to the listing from Auditions Free. The two-day call will net the youngsters $125 per child per day, with just two days of shooting needed. Filming with the twin boys will take place in Peachtree City, Georgia on December 6 and 7.

The call for twin boys has many Avengers comic book fan speculating the characters are possibly the children of Vision (Paul Bettany) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen). The two have always had a romantic relationship in the comic books, and their storyline has yet to play out in the MCU. The two have appeared alongside each other in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War.

Vision saved Wanda from a bus in a collapsing Sokovia during Ultron, and some minor flirtation occurred in Civil War when Vision was preparing dinner for Scarlet Witch. Their relationship has not developed romantically yet on screen, but it appears it’s about to.

In the comics, Vision and Wanda have twin boys which were created from their mothers magic. According to Screen Rant, the twins were not raised by their parents and grew up separately from each other. The boys became superheroes Wiccan and Speed, who both served on the Young Avengers team.

Back in April, E! Online posted set photos from Infinity War showing the Vision and Wanda kissing. Vision was in human form, so it’s unclear if these behind-the-scenes photos were from a dream or reality.

Some fans are speculating Vision will be one of the main characters to die in Infinity War, or Avengers 4 and this could be the catalyst to Wanda creating their children. The creation of the twins could be a way for Marvel to move on as Phase 3 officially concludes at the end of Avengers 4.

Avengers 4 is also currently casting for long-haired athletic men of any nationality, and real policeman, firefighters, EMT’s and members of the military.

[Featured Image by Marvel/Walt Disney Studios]