Miss Tanzania Reportedly Only Has $80 As She Competes In Miss Universe But Love And Support Poured In For Her

In a prestigious competition like the Miss Universe, each candidate vying for the crown is preparing day in and day out just to bring home the crown.

This year, 92 elegant ladies across the globe are vying for that Miss Universe crown worth $300,000. All these girls have advocacies and stories to tell.

Yet, a day before the coronation night, one story stood out from the rest. Miss Tanzania Lilian Ericaah Mahamud reportedly only has $80 pocket money as she competes in the most talked-about beauty pageant in the universe.

According to The Trending Facts, aside from the pocket money woes she is facing, Miss Tanzania has a more pressing problem. Unlike other contestants, Miss Tanzania only brought two bags of luggage all the way to Las Vegas. This means she only has a limited wardrobe for the competition. The official Instagram account of Miss Tanzania said most of her wardrobe was given to her by various Tanzanian designers as support for the candidate.

Despite this sad news, support and love from various people on the internet still poured in for Lilian Ericaah. A lot of people took to Twitter to give their support and admiration to Miss Tanzania for continuing her Miss Universe journey amid the setbacks she is facing.

Lilian Ericaah Mahamud, 23, is a model and she works as a broadcaster at Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation TBL International radio. In her official Miss Universe video, Lilian Ericaah told a touching and inspiring story about young African girls who miss school due to early marriage and pregnancy. Her advocacy is for these young girls to pursue and finish their studies despite the struggles they have to face. Lilian Ericaah added that she grew up with her mother, who died when he was a seventh grader.

“My program is about Africa. We unite Africa through music and different stuff. The main thing that made me talk about Africa is because of the young girls in Africa. Most of them they don’t go to school. They get married in a young age. And they do not focus in having a good life by themselves. I grew up with my mother though she passed away when I was in grade seven but she was a person who truly wanted me to be successful. By broadcasting day and day, by encouraging the young girls to go to school, it really brings change. I get different calls from listeners, I get different messages of them being encouraged. I want the girls to stand up and go for education, it’s really important. Nowadays, we don’t have to wait for men to put food on the table. We have to have the 50-50 issue.”

Candidates of the Ms. Universe 2017 during a press con

Although she is facing a really tough battle ahead, Lilian Ericaah is surely going to strut her way through that Universe crown. We wish you all the best, Miss Tanzania.

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