'Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Wyatt Senses Something Fishy With Bill And Steffy, Will He Uncover Affair?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers show suspenseful upcoming episodes as the story of the glamorous world in Los Angeles continues. For starters, Steffy will be in a more difficult position as a growing number of people are close to finding out about her illicit sexual relationship with Bill.

One of the people who is on the verge of uncovering Steffy's secret is Wyatt. He sensed something odd as he observed some abrupt changes with the Spencers during the Thanksgiving feast.

Wyatt's Suspicions Grow

Steffy played a big part in Liam and Bill's reconciliation. The father and son previously got caught up in all-out war, but Steffy did what she could to fix their misunderstandings and repair their relationship.

While Steffy succeeded in reuniting Liam and Bill, the latter created another issue by blowing up the Spectra building which his son was protecting along with Sally. What's more, Bill almost killed his own son when Liam refused to leave the building; yet, he ordered its demolition.

In any case, during Thanksgiving on The Bold and the Beautiful, Wyatt seemed baffled by how Steffy was acting. She paved the way for Bill and Liam to forgive each other and start a better father-son relationship, but why does she look uncomfortable around Liam and Bill now?

Wyatt wonders if something happened that he does not know about. With the way Steffy behaves and Bill's unnatural reactions during conversations, Wyatt felt sure that something is going on.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Wyatt will look for answers, and he will push his father to open up about it. He is especially curious to know why Steffy was suddenly avoiding Bill.

Moreover, Wyatt thinks that Steffy should be happy since she was able to patch things up between the two important Spencers in her life, but she seems distressed instead. Now, Wyatt's skepticism won't go away so he will not just sit down and do nothing about it.

Finally, the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that he will soon put Steffy on the hot seat, and perhaps he can make her confess. As Wyatt digs and prods Billy and Steffy, he may succeed in uncovering their secret at some point. The truth will surely shock everyone, and Liam would be horrified by the betrayal.

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