Elon Musk’s Problem-Solving Techniques In Rapid Growth Technology With Tesla And SpaceX

Elon Musk is rapidly changing the potential future of the world with SpaceX and Tesla. Elon has made great progress in affordable and practical solar energy and plans to colonize Mars. Musk is also creating and marketing self-driving electric cars, including his soon to be released Tesla Roadster, which Forbes explains can go from 0 to 60 faster than the barely street legal Dodge Challenger Demon.

Tesla, SpaceX, and the many special projects of Elon Musk are testing the boundaries of human thought. Elon Musk has a unique way of looking at life’s problems and seeking to solve them in new and exciting ways.

Elon Musk revealed some major differences between his thoughts and common thought. Can others learn to think as Elon Musk does? In the short video below, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX explains where common thought can go wrong.

“People assume too many things to be true without sufficient basis in their belief. It is very important that people closely analyze what is supposed to be true.”

Elon Musk has certainly challenged ideas many previously assumed to be true. Before Tesla, the thought of electric cars conjured images of slow awkward little mail trucks that needed to be plugged in every 40 or 50 miles. Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster, expected in 2020, will travel hundreds of miles on one charge and reach speeds of 250 mph, according to CNBC. It might even fly, Elon teases.

Before Elon Musk designed the SpaceX rockets, rockets that traveled in space were one use vehicles destined to be left behind before atmosphere reentry. The new reusable SpaceX rockets have solved this problem, making potential space travel far less expensive.

Solar energy wasn’t practical on a large scale until Elon Musk invented his giant lithium-ion batteries. Musk also offers a smaller scalable battery storage system for off the grid solar, called the Tesla Power Wall.

As Elon Musk explains in the video, most go wrong in their creative process by looking to conventional thought, assumptions, and past experience rather than letting go of assumptions and looking at the elements involved in new ways.

“Let’s analyze things from first principles not by analogy or not by convention. If you assume things are true by convention, which is actually what most people do, then it’s difficult to gain insight into how things can be bettered.”

One example of convention Elon Musk is challenging currently is the idea cars must drive on a ground level street. Buildings go up many levels, Elon points out in the second video above, and yet all the traffic headed to those buildings each morning must travel only at street level.

Tesla Ion Battery Powerwall
Tesla Ion Battery Powerwall by Dave Gram AP

Tesla founder Elon Musk says there could be a limitless number of underground tunnels on different levels. This would relieve traffic congestion in cities. Elon Musk is also considering flying Tesla cars. Musk says the Tesla Roadster could fly if it were not for safety concerns about flying cars.

Elon Musk says limiting traffic to street level makes no sense and has plans for a system of tunnels and elevators under cities. Musk says cars could travel on underground sleds at speeds of 150 mph, according to this from the Inquisitr.

Elon Musk explains in the video above how people continue to make the same false assumptions, instead of seeing the facts objectively.

“You want to make sure that the underlying premises are valid and applicable, and in reaching a conclusion that the conclusion you are reaching is necessarily driven by the underlying premises and the interconnections between those premises.”

Elon Musk is saying that one must take a problem down to its basic elements and stop looking at the same tired old solutions. The world is changing rapidly, and individuals, corporations, governments, and societies will have to reach for more innovative solutions like the ones developed at SpaceX and Tesla.

“That might seem like a really simple thing to say, but most people don’t do that. That’s really the foundation of rational thought.”

Elon Musk feels he is stating the obvious, but the Tesla CEO believes most people just don’t think in an innovative way. People instead rely on assumption and past practice but with the rapid changes Elon says are coming, that isn’t going to work much longer.

Elon Musk is changing the world with Tesla and SpaceX, but will others adopt his problem-solving methods of “rational thought?”

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