Armed Brown Bear On The Loose, Police Searching For Stolen Shotgun And Rifle

The Russian police are currently pursuing an armed brown bear who stole two guns from a hunter – an IZH shotgun and a Vepr carbine automatic rifle with a firing capacity of 600 rounds per minute. The bear pinched the guns after raiding a hunter’s cabin. Luckily, the 57-year-old hunter escaped to the woods to avoid the bear.

Based on the account from the local interior ministry, the man was hunting away from the closest village in the Irkutsk region and decided to stay at a forest cabin on November 16.

“He left his belongings in the cabin and went to get some water. On his return, he heard some suspicious sounds and spotted a bear.”

After spotting the bear in the cabin, the hunter left the scene before the animal could spot him. The Russian brown bear is one of the most dangerous predators in Siberia. A meeting with the bear could be fatal to anyone, especially an unarmed man. The hunter had to stay several hours in the woods.

When he felt it was safe to return to the cabin, the man realized his bag, shotgun, and rifle were missing. He was looking for the missing weapons for days in the taiga. However, he was unable to locate any of his belongings. He reported the incident to the local authorities after his failed attempt at locating the weapons.


According to the report by the Siberian Times, the authorities found the bear’s teeth marks on a bucket in the remote cabin. There were also logs bearing the bear’s scratches. The crime scene photos corroborate with the man’s report of the bear raiding the cabin. The police conducted a thorough search of the area to find the missing guns. However, they failed to locate the weapons due to the heavy snowfall.

It remained unclear if the man was in the cabin to go bear hunting. Many hunters visit the Irkutsk region to hunt other animals such as boar, deer, duck, fox, hare, mink, moose, sable, and wolf. Open hunting is allowed in the region until November 30. However, at this time of the year, many animals are already hibernating for winter. Hence, it’s possible that the armed brown bear is in hibernation mode.

[Featured Image by Nikishina E/Shutterstock]