Kim Kardashian Jealous Over Jennifer Lawrence Bond With Kris Jenner: Ends Friendship?

Kim Kardashian is completely bothered by Jennifer Lawrence's friendship with her mother, Kris Jenner, it has been alleged.

According to insiders, Kim and Jennifer were known to have been good friends for quite a long time, with the actress often having found herself being invited to the Kardashian home in Calabasas.

As time went by, however, Lawrence grew a close bond with Kris and seemingly appeared to be closer to the momager than with Kim, which is now bothering Kim, OK! Magazine claims.

Jennifer and Kris are the best of friends, and it's beginning to drive Kim Kardashian mad because she's now feeling like she's being left out of the fun the twosome share between one another.

Kim Kardashian reportedly doesn't even engage in any conversations with Jennifer when she's at the family's house anymore.

A source, as cited by Gossip Cop, recalls an incident where Jennifer allegedly got completely naked and asked Kim Kardashian to have her style the A-list actress, which was supposed to have come across as a joke but the TV personality was far from amused.

She's seen how well Kris and Jennifer have clicked since they started hanging out together, and it's now at a point where Kim Kardashian can't see herself having the same kind of relationship with Lawrence anymore.

According to the publication, Kim Kardashians finds the movie star to be annoying, adding that it's almost a competition between Jennifer and the TV star when it comes to getting Kris' attention.

It allegedly comes across as if Kris pays Kim Kardashian no mind when Lawrence is around, and it's annoying the mother of two because she's well known for loving the attention to be on her at all times, as the source put it.

While there's no bad blood between Jennifer and Kim Kardashian, it appears that the socialite wants to distance herself from Lawrence in the hopes that the relationship J-Law has with Kris will eventually fade out and they won't be bothering her with their shenanigans anymore.

Kris and Jennifer together is an absolute nightmare for Kim Kardashian because she feels completely left out of the fun they are having, subsequently making her feel like the odd one in their friendships.

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