Travis Scott Hates Kylie Jenner Hiding Pregnancy From Fans — Is She Ashamed About Expecting Baby?

Travis Scott doesn’t like the fact that Kylie Jenner is refusing to share her pregnancy baby bump with the world, according to a new report.

Hollywood Life claims that while things are going great between the duo, Travis has become frustrated that Kylie is not making any effort to get out of her home much, stressing that she wants to remain as quiet as possible with her pregnancy.

While the rapper understands where she’s coming from, Travis Scott reportedly hates that whenever he’s with his girlfriend, they can’t do anything other than remain inside Kylie’s home because she simply doesn’t want to be photographed.

It hasn’t put a strain on their relationship, but’s definitely gotten to the point where things like these are bothering Travis Scott because he simply wants to travel around Los Angeles with his pregnant girlfriend and explore the city.

Being inside the house all the time because of Kylie’s concerns regarding her privacy with the pregnancy is a discussion that Travis Scott has grown tired of.

They’ve definitely argued about this topic one too many times, a source tells Hollywood Life, adding that Travis is frustrated with it, but he understands that she’s a celebrity and wants people to respect the fact that she’s not willing to open up about expecting a child at 20.

In recent weeks, Kylie and Travis Scott have been splashing tens of thousands of dollars on baby clothes for the supposed girl they are expecting some time in February.

Travis Scott’s family is also said to have helped design the nursery room in Kylie Jenner’s home based in Hidden Hills; the two will be living together once Travis Scott finishes his contractual obligations with his tour.

The rapper and his 20-year-old girlfriend seem very much prepared to become a family and are fully dedicated to being the best parents they can possibly be.

Aside from having argued about Kylie not wanting to leave the home, Travis Scott has continued to share a strong bond with Jenner — to the point where he’s convinced he’ll definitely have a future with the socialite.

Kylie Jenner has yet to address the fact that she’s even pregnant.

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