‘Dragon Ball Super’ Teases Appearance Of Super Namekian God In Episode 118

Dragon Ball Super Episode 118, entitled “Tragedy Closes In On Vanishing Universe,” will reveal the third universe to be erased in the Tournament of Power. While Son Goku, Android 17, and Android 18 are dealing with Universe 2 fighters, Gohan and Piccolo will face the two remaining warriors of Universe 6: Saonel and Pirina. The latest DBS spoilers hint the potential appearance of Super Namekian God in Episode 118.

With less than 17 minutes left in the tournament, the remaining fighters are expected to go all out to ensure the survival of their universe. As the battle royal continues to be more intense, some of the universes are already on the verge of erasure. One of the universes that could vanish next is Universe 6.

After losing Hit, most people expected Champa’s team to be the next universe to be erased. However, everything changed when Caulifla and Kale used the Potara earrings to merge into Kefla. Unfortunately, Kefla’s dominance didn’t last long after Son Goku eliminated her with the help of his improved Ultra Instinct.

As of now, Universe 6 only has two remaining warriors on their side. Saonel and Pirina are currently having an epic fight against Son Gohan and Piccolo. They attack with everything they’ve got to show that it’s not yet the end of their universe. However, according to the leaked information for Dragon Ball Super Episode 118, Piccolo will be using an attack strategy that will shock the Universe 6’s Namekians.


According to Otakukart, Dragon Ball Super Episode 118 could feature the appearance of Super Namekian God in the Tournament of Power. Instead of eliminating Saonel and Pirina, Piccolo will fuse with the Universe 6’s fighters and become the strongest Namekian to ever exist. As Dragon Ball Super fans know, Piccolo already has two other Namekians, Nail and Kami, in his body.

Like the Saiyans, the Nameks may also require five powerful fighters to form the Super Namekian God. Merging with Piccolo means that Universe 6 won’t be erased as long as the Super Namekian God stands in the tournament. If this will really happen, it will be the biggest plot twist in the Dragon Ball Super “Universal Survival” saga. However, this is just a fan theory that may or may not happen in the future episodes.


Dragon Ball Super airs every Sunday morning in Japan. The anime is available in the West through streaming services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.

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