British Transport Police Launches Search For Two Men Believed To Be Behind Oxford Circus Tube Station Scare

Earlier Friday, November 24, hundreds of travelers passing through London’s Oxford Circus Tube Station had to be evacuated after reports of gunfire got back to authorities. Although the danger was soon announced to be nullified and everyone involved made it away safely, the British Transport Police has since launched an investigation into the two men they believe to be behind the scare, wasting no time in distributing CCTV images to the public in a plea for their help.

According to The Guardian, the two men in question reportedly engaged in a violent altercation this afternoon, at the peak of rush hour on one of the busiest days of the year. When commuters coming and going from Oxford Circus Tube Station became fearful for their lives, pandemonium ensued and at least nine people were trampled. These individuals survived, but sustained injuries. Travelers were also under the impression that shots had been fired, hence their instincts going into overdrive. This last piece of information, however, turned out to be a false alarm.

The Daily Mail has revealed that one terrified pedestrian, who took to Twitter during the rampage in order to warn his followers to run for their lives, was none other than pop star Olly Murs. He then posted a consecutive series of tweets updating the public on the matter, and ensuring that they knew it was a false alarm. Not all of those who had read these posts, however, were too forgiving of the scare; soon after, British television personality Piers Morgan blasted the singer for what he felt was being too quick to tweet without really examining the facts behind the news he was announcing. Murs fought back, saying that the former America’s Got Talent judge really should not comment on one’s reactions in a situation like that unless they have been in one themselves.

As reported by CNN, after Oxford Circus Tube Station was evacuated, authorities moved on to close down part of Regent Street in order to interrogate those attempting to flee, making sure they were not the culprits. In addition, some of the West End was also affected and the station itself was on lockdown for some time, as well as that of Bond Street. Citizens of London reportedly believed that the alleged gunshots came from terrorist weapons, as there has been some level of concern that at least one more horrific incident will hit the country before the year’s end, and given that Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times in the capital, fears were understandably heightened.


[Featured Image by Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP Images]