'Alaskan Bush People' Star Rainy Celebrates 15th Birthday, Shares 3 Thank-You Messages For Everyone

Rainy Brown of Alaskan Bush People celebrated her 15th birthday on Nov. 23 five days after her older sister Snowbird turned 23. Both sisters went out and had fun last Monday to mark the start of their birthday week. They ate cheesecakes, passed out on rides, and waited for a long queue for a photo under the Christmas bulb. And to make her day more special, the now 15-year-old star wrote thank-you messages on her Instagram account.

Firstly, she shared a photo collage showing two different stages of her life. The photo on the left showed a younger version of herself that was taken during the first season of Alaskan Bush People on the Discovery Channel. The photo on the right was taken just recently but it characterized Rainy's coming of age and the reflection of the young and strong woman she is today.

It was followed by another photo where she greeted her best friend Tyler a happy birthday. She thanked her for standing up next to her during the happiest and the darkest moments of her life. She was an angel to her during those moments and became a real sister to her.
And before the day was finally over, she posted a lengthy and heartfelt message for the people who supported her through the years. She acknowledged the love of her family, friends, and fans and how their presence guided her in every tear, every giggle, and every fear in the last 15 years.She wrote how amazed she is knowing that every single person she loves was able to witness her turn 15. She also recalled that during the beginning of Alaskan Bush People, she was a really shy little girl. Now, she has gone far enough that she has her own social media account with more than 39,000 people following her every move and listening to what she has to say.

The Alaskan Bush People daughter thanked all those who supported her because they have shown her the power of helping others. She also thanked those who showed love for her because she learned what real love truly means from them.

Rainy Brown also sent out a message to her detractors, saying, "Thank you to the ones who doubted me. You made me stronger."

[Featured Image by Rainy Brown/Instagram]