Charles Manson’s Funeral Fundraising Gets Axed By GoFundMe, Battle Over Convict’s Will Intensifies

Earlier this week, a fundraising page for the late Charles Manson was set up by John Michael Jones, a man who claimed to know the convict’s grandson, Jason Freeman.

Titled “Please Help My Friend Jason,” the online donation campaign reportedly raises money to claim Manson’s remains and give him a proper funeral. According to reports, the man who organized the crowdfunding has coordinated with Freeman, which he also claimed to be his friend.

“Together we can help Jason bring his grandfather home & prove to the world Charles WAS LOVED & WILL BE CLAIMED!” Jones wrote in his GoFundMe campaign.

In the page, Jones also added a Photoshopped drawing of Jesus kissing Manson’s head, which drew mixed reactions online. The campaign also claimed that Freeman had just lost his job two days before the mass murderer passed away and is now struggling with his grandfather’s burial.

Apparently, Charles’ body would have to be claimed within 10 days after his death or it would be cremated. The cost will reportedly be removed from his assets.

Initially, the fundraising page asked for $15,000 in donations to help shoulder the expenses of Charles Manson’s funeral. However, it was only able to collect $949 before GoFundMe pulled the plug on the campaign.

GoFundMe spokesperson Nadia Gilani confirmed to TMZ that they shut down the fundraising campaign for Manson, adding that they will send refunds to donors. However, she refused to go into details as to why exactly the crowdfunding was axed.

“We removed this content earlier today and refunded donors.”

Despite the removal, Jones continues his donation drive for Charles Manson, this time using PayPal.

Charles Manson passed away at the age of 83. [Image by alifornia Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation/AP Images]

Meanwhile, the battle over Charles Manson’s properties escalates after two unverified wills surfaced Friday. According to reports, each document claims a different person as the rightful inheritor of the killer’s estate.

Manson’s friend, Ben Gurecki, revealed that he obtained a will from the convict in January 2017. Apparently, the supposed will declared Charles’ “self-proclaimed son” Matthew Roberts as the main beneficiary.

He also gave an assurance that they will give Manson a proper burial soon.

“Matthew and I will be there next week in person,” Gurecki claimed. “Charlie will be given a headstone, a proper burial where people will be able to grieve, or deface it as they see fit.”

Charles Manson's GoFundMe page has been shut down. [Image by AP Photo]

On the other hand, TMZ reported that Charles Manson left a will on February 2002 stating that his sole beneficiary will be his longtime pen pal.

According to the webloid, a man began exchanging letters with Manson in the ’90s and continued for two decades. There were even claims that the male pen pal visited the convict in jail multiple times.

In a crudely written letter obtained by the outlet, Charles declared that he leaves all of his properties to his pen pal, including “cash, image rights, clothing, and his exclusive music catalog.”

The infamous convict also allegedly “disinherited his known children, ex-wives, in-laws, lawyers, friends, prisoners, inmates, cops, guards, and the State of California.”

So far, it remains unclear who exactly will be Charles Manson’s beneficiary.

[Featured Image by AP Images]