Black Friday 2017 Brawl Videos: Shopper Hits Baby With Shoe In Viral Fight Video, KMart Employee’s Hip Broken

Black Friday 2017 was only a few hours old before the first brawl videos started to hit the internet, with footage showing scraps between determined shoppers vying for all the best deals.

Without fail, there are videos every year showing fists thrown and bodies flying on the annual holiday of shopping, and this year’s big Black Friday brawl came from Alabama, where women exchanged blows at the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover. As reported, the fight was over a personal dispute rather than a scramble for the best sales, and the women were left with minor injuries. A baby was reportedly hit with a shoe thrown during the brawl.

A number of arrests were made after the brawl, though reports did not disclose who was arrested and what charges they might face.

The Black Friday 2017 brawl ended up hurting other shoppers. According to the New York Post, the mall had opened at 6 p.m. on Thursday and was set to stay open until midnight, but the fight prompted authorities to close the mall at 11:20 p.m.

Video of the Black Friday brawl was posted by WBEC News and can be seen in the video below. In the footage, police were seen arresting a pair of women while a group of others grappled in the background amid scattered inventory.


The Alabama melee was not the only brawl on Black Friday 2017. As KMIZ-TV reported, one person was shot outside the Columbia Mall in Missouri. A 19-year-old suffered a gunshot wound while in a car in the parking lot and reportedly faced life-threatening injuries. Police were still interviewing witnesses on Friday, but they did not identify a suspect or disclose a motive for the attack.


Another video showed a Black Friday fight at KMart, where a shopper attacked an employee, throwing the man to the down and reportedly shattering his hip. A YouTube video of the brawl hit the internet on Friday, prompting news coverage from a number of sites, including the Daily Caller.

A woman who appeared to be with the attacker claimed that the employee was the one who provoked the fight.

Footage of that fight can be seen below.

It was not clear if the Black Friday fight video led to any arrests.

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