Frankie Muniz Shares Emotional Letter After His ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Journey

When Dancing with the Stars Season 25 started, fans of the show were trying to pick out their favorite couples. By the time the show ended this week, it was clear that Frankie Muniz and Witney Carson were the fan favorites, as many were hoping he would somehow sneak out the victory on DWTS. It did not happen, but Frankie went to Facebook to share an emotional letter with fans after his DWTS journey came to an end.

This past week, we watched the DWTS finale take place. The final three couples were Frankie & Witney, Jordan Fisher & Lindsay Arnold, and Lindsey Stirling & Mark Ballas. Not even Muniz expected to make it to the finals, so he was just glad to be there. In the end, the results were read, and it went as expected as Jordan and Lindsay took home the mirrorball trophy.

Despite coming in third place, Frankie was very grateful for the experience. As the season went on, viewers could tell how much this all meant to him. During Monday night’s show, the package video for Frankie’s freestyle dance showed him getting very emotional while talking about his partner, Witney Carson, and how much the whole journey meant to him.

The tears were coming out of Muniz in that video, but in his recent Facebook post, he talked about how he was not an emotional person before the show started. That is something fans of the show could never imagine, especially after seeing him break down while talking about Witney and his journey.

“I don’t consider myself a very emotional guy. I’ve been lucky enough to experience so many positive things in my life, along with a lot of bumps in the road which I felt had left me very neutral. I lived life, but somehow didn’t fully take things in. I’m proud to say this experience hit me deep and has awoken emotions and feelings I didn’t know exist. It taught me that if I am determined and if I work hard, I can accomplish even my biggest fears.”

The season may be done for Frankie Muniz, and he may be very excited about the third-place finish, it looks like the dancing is not done for Frankie though. The former Malcolm in the Middle star will be hitting the road with the pro dancers from DWTS, as he will join the Dancing With the Stars: Live! Light Up the Night tour.

He will not be alone on the tour though, as DWTS Season 25 winner Jordan Fisher will be hitting the road also. As Entertainment Tonight reported, this is the first time that two contestants have gone out on the road with the pros. Muniz is very excited about the tour, as he said, “It’s the only thing getting me through tonight because, like, otherwise I would be so miserably sad.”

[Featured Image by Lou Rocco/ABC]