Indictment Looming For Michael Flynn In Mueller’s Trump-Russia Investigation?

Since special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigative team indicted three members of President Trump’s election campaign team, the world’s media has been speculating on who will be indicted next. President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has been a favorite for indictment in many people’s eyes, but Michael Flynn has also been rumored. As Trump’s former national security advisor, Flynn was forced to resign after it was revealed that he had met with Russian officials and misled Vice President Pence over the issue.

According to CNBC, we now it appears that the Mueller investigation is set to indict Michael Flynn. They report that a letter has been sent from the Senate Judiciary Committee to Kushner’s lawyers requesting copies of all communications “to, from, or copied” to and from Flynn since election day.

The Mueller investigation is believed to have subpoenaed around a dozen members of Trump’s campaign team for correspondence that contains around 20 keywords or phrases. The Senate Judiciary Committee has requested that Kushner’s attorney search for the terms “Peter Smith,” “WikiLeaks,” “Clinton,” and “hacking” in communications between Kushner and Flynn. Robert Ray, former independent counsel for the Whitewater investigation, told CNBC that he thinks it indicates “that Flynn is next” to be indicted.

Of course, it has been widely reported that the Mueller investigation is looking closely at Jared Kushner, so those communications may reveal more about Kushner’s alleged role in any collusion with Russia to affect the presidential election result.

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Mueller investigation could cut a deal with Michael Flynn in return for his cooperation in providing evidence of wrongdoing by the bigger fish in Trump’s pool. As reported by NBC News, the Mueller investigation is not only looking into Flynn’s dealings with the Russian’s, it also looking at his actions in an alleged plot involving Flynn, and his son, Michael Flynn Jr., to illegally rendition Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen to Turkey in exchange for millions of dollars.

In a move that’s sure to shake President Donald Trump, the New York Times reports that Flynn’s legal team has informed Trump’s legal team that they will no longer share information about the Mueller investigation. As the Times points out, this often happens when a possible conflict of interest arises.

Flynn is reportedly concerned that legal proceedings will be taken against Michael Flynn Jr., who served as his father’s chief-of-staff, and who was a part of the financial deals that Mueller is investigating. A plea bargain keeping his son out of any prosecution, and a lesser charge for himself, might look like a great deal to Michael Flynn at this moment in time.

Of course, Flynn may well be in negotiation with the Mueller investigation, but such negotiations can, and often do, break down. However, it does seem that things around the Mueller investigation are about to get very interesting.

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