Different Alcohol Types Can Affect A Person’s Mood In Various Ways, Science Finds

Anyone can have different reactions to alcohol. One might easily get drunk even with just a sip; others can have allergies while some will require multiple glasses before they go down. There are also different types of drunk personality. Some tend to become a romantic while there are others that people want to watch out for – the person who goes on a rampage. It turns out that different alcohol types may have something to do with how a person reacts after getting drunk.

Science has found that different liquor types can make men and women feel differently after drinking them. The study, which appears in the journal, BMJ Open, analyzed emotions from almost 30,000 people aged 18-34 drinking various types of alcohol and recorded the respondents’ mood after. Included in the analysis were red wine, white wine, spirits, and beer.

Researchers gathered data from Global Drug Survey, the largest online survey in the world involving alcohol and illicit drug use. The survey had questions regarding alcohol use and how they liquor would make them feel if consumed at home or outside.


More than half of the participants who drank spirits reported of feelings of being more confident (58.4 percent) and energetic (59.1 percent). Younger people are more likely to feel that way after only having a few shots. At the same time, spirits made 42.4 percent of the participants feel “sexy.” Out of all the respondents from different countries, the South Americans from Brazil and Colombia tend to associate the feeling of relaxation and being sexy more.

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While spirits gave the drinkers a boost in confidence, one-third of them admitted that the alcoholic beverage made them feel angry or more aggressive. Between men and women, the latter more likely felt aggressive, especially those who consumed the alcohol heavily.

Wine and Beer

Out of all the alcohol types, red wine is the one that’s mostly associated with positive emotions. Fifty-two percent of respondents said that they felt more relaxed after drinking red wine. Almost half of the respondents also reported the same emotion when they drank beer. While red wine does make one feel relaxed, it is also said to make people feel more tired.

Researchers noted that the responses from the participants differ based on their country of origin, age, and level of education. Gender, as well as alcohol-dependency, also played a part on how alcohol affected the emotions. While this alcohol study shows the association between moods and the type of alcohol, it does not directly explain the changes that people feel.

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