Will ‘Pokemon GO’ Trainers Approve Niantic’s New EX Raid System?

Niantic’s EX Raid system has been a sore spot for Pokémon GO trainers since its launch. However, the American-based company may have finally implemented the changes to the system that players approve.

According to a previous Inquisitr report, Pokémon GO players find the raid system, specifically the EX Raids, frustrating. The main issue gamers have with the invite-only raids are how Niantic distributes exclusive passes. Players have repeatedly expressed their irritation about the invitations online. The software company, however, appears to have finally rectified the issue with EX Raids and regular raids with its latest update, reported Engadget.

Niantic made a lot of changes to Pokémon GO‘s raid system. The first issue the company addressed was EX Raid invites. Players often complained that EX passes were hard to come by because no one knew how to attain one precisely. Now, however, Niantic has defined the requirements needed to get an invite to the exclusive raids.

According to Polygon, Niantic has released a list of requirements that Pokémon GO trainers need to acquire to get a pass on the invite-only raids. Trainers who have won high-level gym badges and have participated in more raid battles will be more eligible to attend an EX Raid.

EX Raids will officially be set in sponsored locations, or gyms found in parks, reported Engadget. Players have complained about these exclusive raids being set in sponsored sites in the past. However, it seems like Niantic has deemed sponsored locations necessary.

The times EX Raids begin have also been rectified with Niantic’s updated system. Pokémon GO trainers found the times of EX Raids quite inconvenient in the past, so Niantic has decided to set EX Raids at times when most people could participate in a raid. This means the timing of EX Raids will consider time zones.

Niantic did not stop its renovations at EX Raids. The lower-tier raids received a big boost as well. Rewards, in particular, were revamped to please Pokémon GO players.

Now, all trainers get Golden Razzberries for finishing raids. Sadly, to even out the reward, Niantic will be decreasing the number of potions and revives a player wins. There is also a participation reward now. All trainers will get Stardust, regardless of the actual result of the raids.

The best update to the lower-tier raids would probably have to be Magikarp’s return. The water Pokémon will be free to catch to those who dare in Tier 1 raid battles.

Many Pokémon GO players believed that Niantic would never change the game’s raid system. However, it appears that the software company was just taking its time to fix each problem with the system properly.

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