Apple’s Recent Patent Suggests That iPhone X Successor Is Going After The Samsung Galaxy X

Samsung and Apple’s rivalry appears to be leveling up with the rumored Galaxy X and iPhone X successor. Both tech companies are cooking up revolutionary phone designs, once again leading the next generation of smartphones.

According to TechRadar, a patent discovered by Patently Apple at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office or USPTO was leaked. The patent suggests that the Cupertino-based company is developing a smartphone with a flexible screen. The article speculates that Apple will be using Liquidmetal to create the flexible display since it has had exclusive rights to the material for some time.

BGR adds that the screen on the possible successor to the iPhone X can be manipulated to face each other or folded to face back-to-back. Apple may opt for a micro-LED display for the rumored new design. Apple is also rumored to be working with LG to build the screen.

A patent for Samsung’s foldable phone, rumored to be named the Galaxy X, was also leaked a couple of weeks ago by a Dutch publication named Galaxy Club. Based on the leak, the Asian tech giant is playing with the idea of dual foldable screens.

Samsung’s foldable phone seems to be a few steps ahead of Apple’s flexible one. The South Korean phone manufacturer appears to have already worked out how the screens would work, especially regarding software.

Similar to Apple’s patent, the screen on Samsung’s phone can be folded back-to-back. However, the Galaxy X’s screens will reportedly work independently, and different apps can be opened on each screen, effectively eliminating the need for a split-screen feature. Based on Apple’s patent, its foldable display seems to be seamless and will probably still use the split-screen feature.

Apple’s never-before-seen design is being kept under wraps. Besides the leak, no other information has come out about the phone. It has been speculated that Apple won’t release its new iPhone design until 2020.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s Galaxy X is rumored for a launch sometime in 2018, giving it a drastic lead. However, when it comes to technology, Apple has never been worried about being the first in the market to introduce a new design or feature. The Cupertino-based company has always been more focused on refining tech like it did with FaceID.

[Featured Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]