Will Meghan Markle Wear One Of Princess Diana’s Crowns If She Marries Prince Harry?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s latest move in their relationship has further fueled rumors of a royal engagement between the couple. Royal watchers are adamant that the loving couple will one day tie the knot.

Traditionally, a royal bride would wear a crown from her own family’s collection of jewels and wear one from her husband’s family collection after marriage, as per Glamour. For instance, Lady Di wore the Spencer family tiara, which belonged to her father. However, this tradition has since been slightly altered by the marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton. Queen Elizabeth lent the Duchess a crown on her wedding day.

If Ms. Markle was to marry Prince Harry, she could borrow a crown as well for the happy occasion. The supposed royal bride-to-be could theoretically choose a crown from Princess Diana’s collection since Prince Harry does have access to it.

The Princess of Wales was known to be incredibly fond of tiaras. She had a magnificent collection of jewels in her possession but among the most dazzling pieces were undoubtedly her tiaras. The most popular tiara Lady Di loved to wear was the Lover’s Knot tiara, which was commissioned by Queen Mary in 1913, reported The Court Jeweller. Prince Harry’s mother wore this particular tiara quite often.

Meghan Markle might not decide to wear the Lover’s Knot tiara at her wedding though since it might be too much for her royal wedding. The British royal family prefers to be as modest as possible, even at royal nuptials. In fact, Ms. Markle’s predecessor, Kate Middleton, chose to wear a modest, demure crown at her wedding to Prince William. The Duchess of Cambridge chose to wear a Cartier tiara on her wedding day.

The crown was covered in 1,000 diamonds. It was originally King George VI’s anniversary gift to his wife in 1936 and later re-gifted to Queen Elizabeth on her 18th birthday. The tiara is not modest in any non-royal’s definition, but it was for the British royal family.

Meghan Markle might choose to go with a more understated crown if she were to marry Prince Harry. Given her style, the American actress may even choose to adorn her head with something quite different for a royal wedding, like Princess Di’s famous emerald choker.

The Princess of Wales was known for being quite versatile with her jewelry. Sometimes, she would wear her chokers on her head as she often did with Queen Mary’s diamond and emerald choker, reported People.

According to recent rumors about the royal pair, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have decided to live together at the royal’s Nottingham Cottage, stated Us Weekly. Business Insider believes that a royal engagement announcement is imminent given the couple’s recent activities.

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