Jennifer Aniston Quitting Hollywood? ‘The Yellow Birds’ Star Reportedly Wants To Focus Only On Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston’s marriage to Justin Theroux has faced different rumors over the years. Recently, it has been reported that the Office Christmas Party actress has decided to leave Hollywood, move to New York, and focus on his role as wife to Theroux.

This report comes from gossip magazines claiming that her return to New York is a desperate method to keep her marriage with Theroux. An unnamed insider allegedly said that although Aniston enjoys staying in Los Angeles, she just couldn’t risk having another failed marriage so she planned to relocate. It was also mentioned how Justin doesn’t feel right being away from the East Coast and to make their relationship work, Jen reportedly made a compromise by moving to be near to Theroux.

Another alleged reason Justin is intent on staying in New York is that he wants to make sure he raises a family there and not Los Angeles. Reportedly, Aniston said that she’s not sure having kids is still on her list of priorities since she already has Justin and her focus on him is much more important.

Fact-checking site Gossip Cop has since called out on the tabloid, writing that all these reports of Jennifer Aniston quitting Hollywood are false. In relation to Aniston’s rumored decision to not have a baby, OK! Magazine ran a contradicting story in August that Jennifer is pregnant.

Jennifer Aniston rumored to leave Hollywood to relocate to New York.
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Gossip Cop has reached out to Jennifer Aniston’s reps, who told the news outlet that the rumors about the actress leaving L.A. for New York aren’t true. She and Theroux will maintain their relationship setup since distance has never been a problem in their marriage in the first place. It should be noted that rumors about Aniston quitting Hollywood is nothing new. It 2016, it was reported that her film Office Christmas Party was received poorly by critics that she was urged to quit Hollywood.

Meanwhile, Aniston will be back on TV after almost 14 years of doing hit TV series, Friends. The 48-year-old actress stars alongside Big Little Lies’ Reese Witherspoon. As reported by the New York Times, Aniston and Witherspoon’s new TV series focuses on the lives of people who help Americans wake up in the morning. The concept is based on morning TV shows like Good Morning America and Today.

Scripts for the untitled Aniston-Witherspoon project have yet to be produced. Aniston and Witherspoon serve as the executive producer of the series, which will be shown on Apple’s own streaming service.

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