'Little People, Big World': Amy, Jeremy Roloff Share Photos Of Everything They Are Thankful For

Amy Roloff and his son Jeremy took advantage of Thanksgiving Day to show how thankful they are for everything good that has gone their way. The stars of the hit reality TV series Little People, Big World each posted a series of photos to commemorate this year's Thanksgiving Day celebrations.

Amy started off by sharing a family photo taken during their "pre-Thanksgiving Day togetherness," Pop Culture reported. Amy said that she is most thankful for her children.The photo shows Jeremy and Audrey with baby Ember Jean along with Zach, Tori, Molly Jo, Jacob, and his girlfriend Isabel Rock. Molly's husband Joel is set to join them on Wednesday. Baby Jackson also didn't make it to the group photo because he was fast asleep though he could be on the screen of the baby monitor Tori is holding. The Roloff family patriarch, Matt, is on vacation in Cabo, according to the Inquisitr.

Aside from the group shot, Amy also posted four more photos. Amy shared separate shots of Jacob and Molly carrying Jackson and Ember, respectively. A couple of photos shows the Roloff women having a blast. In one of the snaps, Amy is flanked by the other women as they prepare to bake something. The 53-year-old grandmother said that her Amy Roloff's Little Kitchen is another thing that she is thankful for. Interestingly, Amy did not mention her boyfriend Chris Marek.


Jeremy also shared the things he is most appreciative of via social media. He posted fairly recent photos of Audrey and Ember, including the one in which he said he had a "dying to self" moment. By including the said photo, Jeremy may be telling his followers that he is thankful for his faith.

Jeremy also shared an epic group photo, which was probably taken a year or so ago. The photo includes the Roloff family and likely some other relatives, in-laws, and friends. At the rightmost side of the photo is a man carrying a video camera. He's likely one of the Little People, Big World crew, which may mean Jeremy is thankful for the show.


Another interesting tidbit about the group shot is that Amy and Matt are standing right beside each other. Beside Amy is a pregnant Tori. Judging from the size of Tori's belly, the photo was probably taken in early 2017, which also means Matt and Amy have already finalized their divorce around that time.


[Featured Image by Amy Roloff/Facebook]