Kate Middleton Overhears Prince William Conjure Up A Strategy For Peace At Home While Exiting Whistle Factory

Kate Middleton and Prince William found themselves surrounded by some very interesting history on their recent trip to the Acme Whistle Factory. While whistles may sound a bit mundane, as they aren’t made up of cutting-edge technology and haven’t changed much since the dawn of their creation, William and Kate learned something about the whistle and its origin.

The Acme Whistle factor in Birmingham is the location of the creation of the first-ever police whistle. Besides the traditional whistle that is used by coaches in sports and police officers on the beat, The Acme folks have a variety of whistles that they’ve created over the years, and they are on display in their factory.

It is not often a future king and queen come to visit, so to commemorate the day, the folks at Acme presented both Prince William and Kate with an engraved Air Ministry whistle and a rose gold whistle on a necklace. The people who make the whistles didn’t forget Prince George or Princess Charlotte; they gave Kate and William a selection of musical whistles for the royal kids.

According to People Magazine, this prompted William to create a quick strategy for peace at home.

He said to Kate, “Don’t show that to George — we’ll never get any peace!”

George, who is 4-years-old, would probably love a whistle, and even Charlotte, who is 2, could probably get some noise out of one of her new Acme gifts.


The royal couple toured the factory on Wednesday and then headed home with their bags full of whistles for the entire family. There’s no word of whistling coming out of Kensington Palace, but that is a big place.

Just think of the fun Prince George and Princess Charlotte can have making an echo of a whistle in the palace’s long, oversized hallways. Those whistles will make sure everyone knows they are there.

From the sounds of things, Prince William has his parenting strategy down pat, as he knew enough to look ahead of the smiles they would get handing over those whistles to the kids. Once the smiles would light up their faces he knew what would follow with a couple of deep breaths as soon as the kids took possession of those whistles. They would not only be echoing in the hallways but in William and Kate’s ears as well, not to mention rattle anyone else within earshot.

Most parents of kids who are the ages of George and Charlotte would agree that there is a time and place for whistles, but running around the house with them, well, that can get old fairly quickly.

[Featured Image by Christian Charisius/AP Images]