New York City Man Stabbed In Alleged Dispute Over Thanksgiving Day Invitation

Two men allegedly got into an altercation about a Thanksgiving invite which left one of the men with a serious stab wounded in the chest. The incident occurred Tuesday night in St. Albans, Queens, New York City, and the victim is listed in critical condition at a local hospital after being transported there by first responders.

The St. Albans neighborhood is located about two miles north of John F, Kennedy International Airport.

According to cops, the alleged aggressor in the encounter reportedly got into a dispute with his sister over the guest list for Thanksgiving dinner. The shouting match with the sister was apparently prompted by his wish to bring his girlfriend to the holiday meal, something that allegedly did not meet with his sister’s approval, AM New York explained.

One thing led to another, and he allegedly shoved his sister to the floor. The woman’s boyfriend interceded, and the suspect allegedly told the other man to get “the f***out of here.” That’s when the attacker, 56, allegedly stabbed the boyfriend in the chest with a kitchen knife, the New York Daily News reported. The suspect fled the scene in a silver Ford, NPYD officials said, and is still at large.

“The stabbing happened in a two-story brick attached house, with a large wooden sign in the front window reading ‘God Bless,'” the Daily News added.

According to one law firm, calls to 911 about domestic violence and family tensions tend to increase on Thanksgiving, and sometimes alcohol is a contributing factor. There is also alternative data suggesting, however, that calls to domestic violence hotlines actually decrease over the holiday season, although that does not take into consideration unreported incidents.

While not to minimize in any way the serious of the NYC stabbing incident, even unofficial holidays or celebrations can also at times unfortunately lead to hostilities of one kind or degree or another. For example, the Inquisitr reported last year that an Ohio woman reportedly was so disappointed that her husband failed to buy her a Valentine’s Day gift that she struck him in the head with a mini baseball bat. In 2013, a bride-to-be allegedly stabbed her future groom in the chest following an argument about the color scheme for their upcoming wedding. Fortunately, the man’s injuries were not life threatening.

Check back for updates on the Thanksgiving-related stabbing in Queens, New York.

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