Adam Levine, Jimmy Fallon, & Maroon 5 Guitarist Go Incognito, Give Surprise Busking Performance In NYC Subway

Adam Levine, Jimmy Fallon, and Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine all went incognito on Tuesday’s episode of The Tonight Show to give a surprise busking performance to New York City subway riders. The 38-year-old Maroon 5 frontman, along with one of his Maroon 5 bandmates, disguised themselves in order to give “unsuspecting fans” an unforgettable and impromptu performance as guests on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show. Of course, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon accompanied the popular pop-rock band members to sing one cover song and one Maroon 5 hit song “much to the delight of fans,” according to PopCrush.

PopSugar calls the lengthy performance by Adam Levine, Jimmy Fallon, and James Valentine an “impromptu concert” — a web video that’s now trending on the popular Tonight Show YouTube channel. The trio’s costumes, consisting of beards, sunglasses, hats, wigs, and clothing they normally wouldn’t wear in public, along with their chemistry and energy on the subway platform, all make for a fun watch. In fact, several New York City subway commuters were already crowding around their busking performance of the Queen song “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” before Adam Levine and Jimmy Fallon revealed their true identity.

Comments online about the Adam Levine, Jimmy Fallon, and James Valentine subway station acoustic performance on Tuesday said that they were drawing a decent crowd while in costume because there was a “giant camera in front of them.” However, Rolling Stone notes that “most of the people” in the New York City subway station seemed completely “disinterested” in their first performance of the Queen cover, especially since Adam Levine also disguised his “signature” vocals. As soon as Jimmy Fallon, who manned the tambourine and assisted in vocals during both songs, took off his hat, wig, and fake beard, the crowd went crazy, and people started running toward the platform and the small busking band.

Adam Levine also took off his disguise and immediately went into singing an acoustic version of the Maroon 5 2014 hit song “Sugar” with people in the crowd singing along and holding up their smartphone cameras. The busking performance, which started out in disguise and lasted over three minutes, ended with a huge, loud, and excited crowd of people gathered around Adam Levine and Jimmy Fallon in the New York City subway station.

Jimmy Fallon introduced the Tonight Show performance to viewers watching at home by saying that “the three of us are about to go out onto the subway platform and start busking in disguise.” The 43-year-old comedian and TV host went on to clarify that “no one knows this is going to happen” and “nobody knows that it is Maroon 5.”

Entertainment Weekly added some more details about the “undercover busking performance” by Adam Levine, Jimmy Fallon, and James Valentine, saying that they looked like a “bunch of hipsters” and performed for a passing crowd at the Rockefeller Center subway station platform in Manhattan, complete with bucket drumming.

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