Could Tori Spelling And ‘Deadbeat Dad’ Dean McDermott Do Jail Time Over Unpaid Bills And Child Support?

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott may be headed for the slammer if they don’t clean up their act. Cafe Mom reports that Spelling and her husband could be facing jail time for owing over $220,000 in unpaid debts. Will Spelling and McDermott pay up and avoid time behind bars?

Inside Spelling’s Legal Battles

Spelling apparently owes a considerable amount of money to City National Bank. The actress lost a lawsuit and was ordered to pay the institution $220,000. She has not fulfilled her debt, and a judge recently ordered her to return to court to deal with the issue. If Spelling doesn’t show up at the hearing, which is set for February, then she could be arrested for failing to appear. The bank won the case earlier this year, and Spelling has refused to respond to the judgment.

McDermott’s Financial Situation Isn’t Any Better

As if Spelling’s legal woes couldn’t get any worse, Page Six reports her husband owes $100,000 in child support to Mary Jo Eustace, his ex-wife. Earlier this year, Eustace revealed that she turned to the courts after McDermott stopped making payments. Not only is this the second time that McDermott has fallen behind on payments, but she also cut him a break on three years’ worth of child support when they split. Sadly, the biggest victims are Spelling and McDermott’s five kids, who will be without parents if the couple cannot get it together and pay their debts.

Will Spelling And McDermott Lose Everything Because Of Their Mounting Debts?

If Spelling appears in court in February, she’ll have to list all her assets so that the court can determine what she can pay. Between Spelling’s $220,000 debt and McDermott’s $100,000 bill for child support, it’s a very real possibility that the couple will lose a lot of their assets after the court makes its final judgment. Of course, there’s also the possibility that Spelling skips out on the court date and lands herself in jail. We can only hope that doesn’t happen for the children’s sake.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have not commented on their financial woes.

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