Bass Pro Shops Open Thanksgiving: Black Friday Deals $10 Jeans, Flannels, Dog Beds, & Free Picture With Santa

Bass Pro Shops are open today, Thanksgiving, and they offer some sales that had the cast of Fox & Friends very enthused on their Thursday morning show. With this family-friendly store opening their doors on Thanksgiving, this might be the time to start a Thanksgiving Day tradition with your kids.

In most families, one parent traditionally does the cooking. If this was a few decades back, it would be the mom who is standing over the hot stove all day, but today, a lot of dads do the cooking as well. To keep the kids occupied and to start a Thanksgiving Day tradition, why not take the kids to the Bass Pro Shop nearest you? This will give the cook some time alone and without distractions, and the kids won't get too wound up waiting for the big dinner with the relatives.

There are 82 Bass Pro Shops throughout the U.S., and you can find the one nearest to you by clicking here. This is a kid-friendly store with something for the kids to do besides watching mom and dad shop. These stores offer an experience for the shopper.

The Santa Wonderland experience at Bass Pro Shops includes a free picture with Santa. Their webpage also reminds shoppers that you get a free "personalized digital Christmas card" with your Santa picture. Check out their Santa Wonderland page online for times on visiting Santa at one of the Bass Pro Shops this season.

According to the Bass Pro Shop homepage, they are known as the "Granddaddy" of all outdoor stores. This famous outdoor store has their headquarters in Memphis, Tennesse. Bass Pro Shop World in Memphis is actually a tourist destination, with the "iconic Memphis Pyramid" housing their store, restaurant, and hotel. This tourist stop offers all types of fun things for the entire family to see and do.

Bass Pro Shop's Black Friday flyer shows the store's sales and deals for $10 and under. Red Head Brand jeans are just $9.97, and their popular zippered fleece jackets are $10. For your four-legged family member, their dog beds are selling for $10 on Black Friday.

The quantities are limited on these sale items, and you can get them while they last. You can only get these deals by going into a Bass Pro Shop, as these prices and deals are not offered online.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, Bass Pro Shop's new owner toyed with the idea of opening on Thanksgiving day and then decided to do so. While other stores are open on Thanksgiving, Bass Pro Shops opened at 8 a.m. and will remain open until 6 p.m. on Thursday. The majority of the other big name stores opening today aren't doing so until early evening, so Bass Pro Shops has a jump on them. For Black Friday, Bass Pro Shops open at 5 a.m.

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