Why Prince William And Kate Middleton Will Never Become Monarchs Ahead Of Prince Charles

Prince William and Kate Middleton seem to be the current most beloved royal couple and have been the focus of various rumors regarding the future monarchy.

Although William’s father, Prince Charles, is the next in line for the throne, there have been claims being made that Charles is considering stepping aside and allowing his eldest son to reign alongside Middleton, as the Inquisitr recently reported.

However, this rumor has been cropping up ever since early this year and has been debunked each time it’s resurfaced. This time has been no different, as Gossip Cop has determined, and new reports indicate that not only is Prince Charles set to take over as monarch in Britain, he is apparently quite eager to become king ahead of his son.

As The Daily Star reminds, Prince Charles just recently celebrated his birthday and is “no spring chicken.” The publication also reminds that Queen Elizabeth’s mother lived until she was 101, and if the queen lives to be of a similar age, Prince Charles will be 79 years old by the time he assumes the throne. Queen Elizabeth shows very few signs of slowing down, aside from passing a handful of responsibilities to her grandchildren and son recently. Yet, the monarch still makes more public appearances yearly than any other royal, and she always looks well and cheerful while doing so.

Although there have been claims made that Charles is aware of Prince William’s popularity and is considering stepping aside for the prince, sources state that this will never happen because Prince Charles is anxious to become king,

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Many royal experts have weighed in on the subject over the past few months. While some believe that stepping aside for his son is in Charles’ best interest, biographer Sally Bedell indicates that “Charles will be king and Camilla will be queen. They will not skip over to William, who is being groomed to become king, probably in his late 40s or early 50s.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been known to shake up royal tradition, yet it seems unlikely that they will take the throne ahead of Prince Charles, who is said by many royal experts to be to set to reign until his last days.

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