Is Jack Maynard Making A Comeback On ‘I’m A Celebrity’ 2017?

It was shocking to know that Jack Maynard left I’m A Celebrity 2017. While many people are still wondering why the YouTube star left the show, here is another shocker. Thanks to the opening credits of the ITV show, there are now speculations that Maynard might make a comeback to the jungle.

Jack Maynard was sacked from the reality TV show after a dark episode of his teenage life had been exposed. It was revealed that 17-year-old Maynard asked a 14-year-old girl on Facebook to send him her pics in a bra.

First, he complemented her “assets” and called himself a stylist. When she refused to send the photos, he was quick to call her a “bore” and an “ugly freak.” The girl, who does not want to be identified, believes Jack Maynard was quite immature when he made that “rookie error,” The Mirror reported.

Even though Jack Maynard is believed to have been sacked because of this, there are many other controversies the vlogger, who turns 23 today, has been involved in. HuffPost reported that Maynard posted a number of racist and homophobic tweets during the same period when the Facebook incident took place.

Jack Maynard, with 1.2 million subscribers, is a huge star on YouTube. His Twitter account is followed by 600,000 people and his Instagram account has 700,000 followers.

Such a great evening & learnt some good tips on keeping my hair nicceeeee and healthy!????????????????‍♂️ #Got2bUK #MeByMe #ad

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Maynard survived in the Australian jungle for only 72 hours. However, it was the producers who decided to send him off. However, fans were bewildered to find him in the opening credits even after he had been removed from the show.

Some of the fans went on to social media to inquire why Jack Maynard was still there in the credits. According to The Sun, some fans even got excited at the possibility of Jack making a comeback to the show.

Sadly for fans, here is one interesting fact about I’m A Celebrity. They don’t remove any celebrity from the credits even after their exit.

Fans have to wait to see whether Jack Maynard makes a comeback or not. But, to assume that he’s making a comeback because he is still in the credits may be far-fetched.

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