‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: BM Jason Snaps At Carly, Makes Bold Declaration, Patient 6 Comes Clean To Kim

General Hospital spoilers tease a heartbreaking week for current Jason (Billy Miller). Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly (Laura Wright) took Patient 6’s side, and they have no issues showing how much they care about the man they think is the real Jason Morgan. As more people flock to classic Jason’s (Steve Burton) side, current Jason will become more desperate. He will be so worried about his future that he will lose his cool over Carly’s vexing words.

Current Jason’s Outburst

Over the past few weeks in General Hospital, current Jason’s insecurities increased. Despite Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Liz’s (Rebecca Herbst) reassurance, he still feels frustrated over his situation. He will continue claiming he is Jason, and he will shout it at the top of his lungs.

General Hospital spoilers for Nov. 30 tease Carly’s needling words will get on the current Jason’s nerves. He will declare he is Jason Morgan. He will also have a major outburst toward everyone for being disloyal. The day after Jason’s bold claim, he will receive a devastating news. General Hospital Head Writer Shelly Altman previewed Patient 6 will no longer go by that name; someone will be Jason, and the other will be Drew. However, christening the twins will just be the beginning. There will be more twists and turns along the way after Andre reveals what he knows about the two men.

Meanwhile, General Hospital spoilers tease Sam will continue to stand by the man she knows as Jason next week. She will encourage him to share his fears with her. She wants to give him as much support as she can. She knows her husband is going through a tough time.

Long Lost Love?

There will be interesting happenings in the Corinthos household. Dr. Kim Nero (Tamara Braun), Oscar’s mother, will immediately recognize Patient 6. General Hospital spoilers tease she will identify Patient 6 as Drew. She thought it would be impossible to see Drew again, and she couldn’t believe her eyes. However, Patient 6 will explain everything to her, including the fact that Drew had a twin. Kim’s initial reaction when she saw Patient 6 says a lot. She might provide more details about the man she fell for, and this could help with the investigation of the identity of the twins. She would find the entire story confusing at first, but she will understand after she hears about the whole story. There is speculation that Drew is Oscar’s father. Given Kim’s reaction to Patient 6, this could be possible.

More General Hospital Spoilers

Jason and Drew are not the only people involved in romantic entanglements next week. General Hospital spoilers tease that Alexis needs to sort out her feelings. Dr. Bensch wants to know if he has a chance with her. He will be a patient man for Alexis if there’s a chance she will return his feelings.

Griffin will talk to Kiki, who will reassure him that Ava already gave up on the questionable formula from Dr. Klein. Kiki thinks Ava realized the risks, but Griffin is not fully convinced. Meanwhile, Ava will set up a meeting with a doctor to have her face restored. General Hospital spoilers teased it won’t take long before Griffin tried to stop Ava from doing something she might regret.

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