‘Dragon Ball Super’ Teases The Impending Destruction Of Two Universes

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Dragon Ball Super has only annihilated two universes since the Tournament of Power started, but it looks like there will be two more galaxies that are in danger of destruction soon. The battle royale is already in its second half with team Universe 7 being in the top spot despite Jiren’s participation, representing team Universe 11. Universe 6 has lost two of their MVPs in the person of Kale and Caulifla when Goku took their fusion Kafla down using his massive Kamehameha.

Universe 2 on the other hand, still has five surviving warriors to this date and the upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super teases their battle against Android 17 and Android 18. After Goku’s stamina got depleted during his fight against Kafla in the previous episode, the U2 warriors are going after him. However, the Androids are expected to step in, and they might be the reason for U2’s destruction.

On Twitter, Todd Blankenship translated the title and synopsis of Dragon Ball Super Episode 118 for English-speaking fans, which suggests that the tag-team Gohan and Piccolo will be in trouble against the Namekian warriors from Universe 6. Saonel and Pirina are the only two remaining fighters of team U6 following the elimination of Kale and Caulifla. However, Piccolo is no pushover and comes up with a scheme that might corner both the U6 fighters that could lead to their defeat and their home’s obliteration.

“Gohan and Piccolo’s tough fight! Gohan and Piccolo struggle against the desperate attacks of Universe 6’s final warriors, Saonel and Pirina! Piccolo therefore thinks up a method attack their opponents won’t expect.”

Comic Book suggests that Universes 2 and 6’s destruction is highly possible given their fighters’ remaining strength. The Androids are known for possessing formidable powers, and Ribrianne from U2 may not be able to counter their attacks despite her impending transformation. Dragon Ball Super Episode 118 is titled “Accelerating Tragedy: A Universe Vanishes…!” that will see the annihilation of a universe.

While the title suggests that there will be only one universe to get annihilated, some fans speculate that the tragedy won’t just revolve around a single team’s unfortunate fate. As what others suggest, Universe 6 is at stake given the fact that it only has two remaining warriors, which makes Champa furious. The God of Destruction aims to have the most number of surviving fighters as he hopes to win the tournament.

The Grand Priest previously announced that the team with more remaining warriors will win the battle royale should there be a tie. Unfortunately, it may not work for Champa’s universe since the team only has the two Namekian warriors remaining as of late. Additionally, their powerful techniques might not work on Gohan and Piccolo once the latter put his major plan in action.

Either way, fans are certain that Dragon Ball Super creator Akira Toriyama has big surprises in the pipeline. That’s something that everyone wouldn’t want to miss.

Goku and the rest of Dragon Ball Super cast
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