Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Spending Thanksgiving And Her Birthday Together With The Singer’s Family

November 23 is going to be a big day for Miley Cyrus. Not only is it Thanksgiving in the United States, but the singer will also be celebrating a milestone birthday. In honor of the big day, Miley Cyrus will be getting the chance to enjoy the fall holiday with Liam Hemsworth, while her family will also be joining the celebration.

Together Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus, and the rest of the singer’s family will be together in order to celebrate her 25th birthday, as well as Thanksgiving, according to E! News. Apparently Cyrus and her family, along with her fiance, will be spending the day in Malibu. There will be one member of the singer’s family missing, as Brandi Cyrus will apparently be celebrating the holiday in Nashville, where she will spend the morning volunteering before then heading out to enjoy the evening with friends.

In the lead up to both her birthday and Thanksgiving, Miley Cyrus has taken to social media in order to share a little bit of the celebration with her followers. On Twitter, the singer shared a picture of herself posing in front of giant balloons that spelled out her first name, with a message that said that in less than 24 hours, it would be her birthday. In a second post, Miley Cyrus shared a picture of a necklace which was given to her by Liam Hemsworth.

The tweet from Cyrus showing off one of her first birthday presents showed the singer’s hand as she held a gold necklace with a bejeweled “LiLi.” In the message that went along with the tweet, which could also be seen on the picture itself, the singer shared that this was the first of many presents from her fiance, as she pointed out that “my man killin the game already” with his gift choice. Miley Cyrus tagged Liam Hemsworth in the post as she said “thank you LiLi.”

Prior to her tweets, Miley Cyrus also posted to Instagram about her birthday celebration, although the post could also be found on Twitter as well. The singer shared a selfie while wearing a shirt that read “wild child,” with the accompanying message saying that she always has been and always will be someone who is “#ExtraAF.” Cyrus then wished herself a happy birthday.

Although Brandi Cyrus might be missing from the Thanksgiving and birthday celebration, it seems that Miley Cyrus will still be surrounded by loved ones, as the rest of her family and Liam Hemsworth will be with her in Malibu.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]