‘F*** Trump’ Bumper Stickers Sell Out

Karen Fonseca went viral when a prominent sticker on her truck captured attention around the world, all the way from Fort Bend County, Texas. According to KHOU, Fonseca didn’t choose to go viral, but blames Troy Nehls for making her famous by placing the “F*** Trump” photo on his personal Facebook page. As a result, Karen is turning lemons into lemonade by selling the bumper stickers that read, “Yeah…f*** Trump and f*** you for voting for him.” She has also added another black and white sticker that reads, “F*** Troy Nehls and f*** you for voting for him.” Both stickers show a hand with a middle finger raised.

Fonseca and her children have created a little cottage industry with her bumper stickers about Trump and Nehls. The bumper stickers are priced at $15 each and Karen reports that they are already selling at a quick clip. The bumper stickers were designed by young Fort Bend County Democrats, and gained visibility because of the controversy. As a result, the free marketing helped stagnant and slow sales. Over the past three months, not many sales of the stickers had been made. However, in the past three days, 120 bumper stickers have sold. Therefore, expect to potentially see many more people driving around with the stickers on their vehicles and more viral photos to follow.

Trump golfs again and bumper stickers go viral.

Fonseca said that those who place the stickers on their vehicles likely agree with her sentiment. The sales of the stickers have increased so much that they are currently on back-order, with the sellers saying they can’t print them fast enough. Those consumers who want to buy their own stickers will likely experience a delay due to the increased demand. Karen has become a symbol of a citizen who didn’t bow to pressure from higher-ups. Profits will be donated to help voter registration drives and to assist the elderly in voting.

Meanwhile, according to Politico, Trump has hit the golf course once more, with golf trip No. 74, according to Trump Golf Count.

As reported by Jenna Johnson of the Washington Post, she was told that a “low-key day” was at hand.

“Good morning from West Palm Beach, where your pool is loaded into vans and rolling for the day. Lindsay Walters briefly addressed the pool and said that the president has been briefed on the Navy aircraft crash. She also said that the president plans to make a number of calls [this] week, especially related to tax reform, and that the White House will provide readouts of those calls. Otherwise, she expects a low-key day. She is checking to see if the White House would like to add any context or additional information to the president’s tweets this morning.”

However, Jenna was forced to amend her pool report and write that President Trump wouldn’t have a low-key day, but have a “full schedule of meetings and phone calls,” with the White House not mentioning golfing.

“A correction to the earlier pool report: While the White House communications staff expects the press pool to have a low-key day, the president will NOT have a low-key day and has a full schedule of meetings and phone calls.”

[Featured Image by Alex Brandon/AP Images]