‘Gossip Girl’ Alum Jessica Szohr Weighs In On Ed Westwick Rape Accusations, Actress ‘Hopes It’s Untrue’

In a new interview, Gossip Girl alum Jessica Szohr shared her opinion on Ed Westwick’s rape accusations. Szohr, who just booked a new role as Fiona’s new tenant on Shameless, revealed what it was like for her to hear about the rape accusations against Westwick.

Szohr commented that she had known Westwick for years and she knows how “lovely he is.” She acknowledged that the issue of sexual assault is a touchy subject.

As for the movement recognizing sexually assaulted women in the entertainment industry, she expressed how glad she was on how people are starting to pay attention. However, she also pointed out there were people who fabricated stories and stretched out the truth. With regard to Ed Westwick’s situation, she revealed how shocked she was because she knew him for a long time. She acknowledged she can only talk about the Westwick she knows well.

“And I hope that it’s untrue, but I also feel bad for anyone that’s been in that situation, for the women that have to deal with that, for the situations that are true.”

In the interview with Cosmopolitan, Szohr also revealed that she spoke to Westwick after the rape accusations went public. She disclosed how difficult this time is for Westwick, who denied all allegations on social media. During their conversation, Ed told her the truth will come out, and he hoped people would see that. However, she reiterated how hard it is to talk about the issue because it’s not her situation, and she can’t speak for him or the girls. She also expressed how shocking the news was for her since she worked with Ed Westwick for five years, and they stayed friends after working together.

As for whether she believed Westwick could be guilty of those allegations, Szohr replied she can’t see him doing it to someone. However, she says she “wasn’t there, for either side, so [she] can’t say it did or didn’t happen.”

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During the past weeks, three women came forward to accuse Ed Westwick of sexual assault. On November 6, Kristina Cohen accused Westwick through a social media post of raping her three years ago. The actress filed a report to the Los Angeles Police District, and the actor is currently under investigation. Another actress, Aurelie Wynn, also claimed Westwick raped her in July 2014 and posted her account on social media.

Westwick denied both accusations through a social media post. He claimed that the accounts were “unverified and probably untrue,” and that he will cooperate with the authorities to clear his name.

Just a week ago, another woman claimed Westwick groped her breasts aggressively. As a result of these allegations, BBC canceled the drama Ordeal by Innocence and stopped the filming for White Gold. Amidst all the Ed Westwick rape accusations, the actor’s girlfriend Jessica Serfaty stands by his side and has been vocal about it on social media.

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