#MeToo Campaign Is Here To Stay: The Powerful And Scary Aspects Of The Campaign

The #MeToo campaign started off as a hashtag on social media to give a voice to people who were victims of sexual abuse. While the hashtag wasn’t targeted at women, the majority of people speaking out about their experiences were women. The hashtag was created to give a voice to women who had been sexually assaulted after the bombshell accusations that Harvey Weinstein had groped several women. The accusations grew after the initial report and more women started coming forward. Over the past couple of weeks, several politicians, professional workers, and entertainers have been accused by many women of sexual assault and harassment.

It’s clear that the #MeToo campaign is here to stay. According to CBS News, the campaign is starting some tough conversations that are important to women and survivors everywhere. As more women are sharing their stories, others feel comfortable opening up about events that have been too scary to talk about. Because of the hashtag and the #MeToo campaign, more women are coming forward with abuse. But the powerful stories aren’t just coming from women. Several men have also shared their stories, accusing famous actors such as Kevin Spacey of inappropriate behavior. The families behind these famous people have remained silent.

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Harvey Weinstein’s wife, Georgina Chapman, featured above hasn’t said much after the scandal broke. She has remained silent but has separated from her husband. While these powerful figures are slowly removing themselves from the spotlight, the victims are continuing to garner support. According to the LA Times, supporters of the campaign held a rally, supporting those who were victims and speaking out. Where victims may have had a hard time gaining support before, it sounds like people are starting to believe the victims now.

It is scary that there are so many women coming forward with these scary stories. For years, many victims have been forced to keep quiet and they are clearly struggling with how their lives are changing after admitting to being sexual abuse victims. But there’s also another scary element: some women are feeling pressured to share their experiences with sexual abuse. In no situation should a victim feel pressured to speak out. This powerful moment is changing how the public and the news are treating victims speaking out, so victims may continue to come forward over the next many months.

The #MeToo campaign is here to stay as there are many other untold stories waiting to be exposed.

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