‘Toy Freaks’: Disturbing YouTube Channel Showing Kids Bathing, Vomiting, Peeing, Acting Like Babies Taken Down

“Toy Freaks,” A YouTube channel that showed a man’s pre-pubescent daughters vomiting, bathing, urinating, and dressing (and acting) like babies has been taken down after viewers complained that the videos bordered on child abuse.

NOTE: The videos have been removed from YouTube, and although some publications, including Buzzfeed, have managed to save some of the videos, they will not be posted here due to the Inquisitr‘s editorial standards.

As Buzzfeed News reports, Greg Chism’s “Toy Freaks” channel had over eight million subscribers. Those subscribers would tune in to watch Chism’s daughters — Annabelle and Victoria — be “pranked” by being surprised while bathing, force-fed (and filmed while vomiting), and dressing and acting like infants.

In one video, Chism walks into the bathroom where Annabelle is bathing and asks her if she wants to see an animal. Through tears, she insists that she doesn’t, but Chism continues to antagonize her with a frog. He then recorded her cries and wails as he laughed. In another video, both girls were bathing when Greg came in with a lobster, recording both girls screaming and crying.

In the videos, the girls are not nude, but wearing bathing suits.

Another genre of videos produced by Chism and the girls purported to show them urinating. In one particular video described by Buzzfeed, the camera is positioned above Annabelle’s bottom, showing as a wet spot emerges on her pajamas. It bears noting that, due to the angle of the camera, it’s impossible to know for certain what Annabelle was doing, and the entire scene could have been staged through trickery.

Other videos show the girls dressing and acting like babies – and in fact, Buzzfeed writer Remy Smidt notes that grown children acting like babies is its own sub-genre on YouTube. Chism, however, took things a step further, to the point of making the girls vomit for the cameras.

In a statement, Chism said that he had been “working closely” with YouTube about the complaints about his channel. What’s more, he said that the removal of his videos comes amid a larger crackdown of content that appears to exploit children, some of which appears on YouTube’s kids’ channel.

“On Nov 16, YouTube updated its Kids App and community guidelines to allow for stronger regulation and flagging ability for parents. Later that day, three of our videos that we did not know were on the Kids App were flagged by the community resulting in the Toy Freaks channel being terminated.”

As of this writing, it is not known if Chism will face any criminal charges for the videos, or if the videos even provide enough evidence that a crime has been committed.

However, there is precedent for a YouTube video creator paying the consequences legally for using his children to create disturbing content. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the YouTube channel “DaddyOFive,” which showed parents “pranking” their kids to the point that they cried and screamed, was taken down. Not long afterwards, creators Mark and Heather Martin were charged with child neglect.

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