Marshawn Lynch’s Mother Fires Back At Donald Trump Right Where It Hurts The Most

Marshawn Lynch decided to sit during the United States anthem over the weekend in protest but stood during the Mexican anthem. Lynch may have known that he would receive a backlash from the President of the United States over his actions as Donald Trump had been very vocal about punishing NFL players for their disrespectful decisions before the games. While Trump was quick to share his thoughts on Twitter, Lynch didn’t say much about the issue. In fact, he celebrated the gift he had received from his Mexican fans but never mentioned Trump on his social media accounts. However, his mother had other ideas.

According to a new tweet, Marshawn Lynch‘s mother had plenty of things to say when it came to the President of the United States. In a series of retweets, she let the world know that she was not a fan of Trump. However, Delisa Lynch also had a personal message to Trump, and she decided to focus on his business. Apparently, she has been keeping up with his business dealings, and she knew that he doesn’t own an NFL team despite trying to buy one.

RB Marshawn Lynch has been reinstated. He’ll rejoin the team tomorrow.

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“What NFL team do Trump own? Oh yeah they wouldn’t let him have one!! LMAO,” Marshawn Lynch’s mother tweeted over the weekend, reminding Trump that he does have some failures behind him as well.

According to CBS Sports, Marshawn’s mother is referring to a business deal gone bad for Trump. Of course, Trump likes to talk about the business deals he did well on, so he may not be too happy that she’s calling him out for losing a bid for an NFL team in the middle of his NFL bashing. CBS Sports reveals that Trump lost a bid for the Buffalo Bills back in 2014. His offer was lower than the $1.4 billion that Terry and Kim Pegula offered for the team.

Marshawn Lynch will play the Denver Broncos on Sunday with kickoff at 4:25 pm. One can imagine that his mother will be watching and cheering him on, even if he still chooses to sit during the national anthem.

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