Online Commenters Ridicule Desiigner For Peeing On Someone’s Garage Door

Rapper Desiigner, who became an overnight sensation for his debut single “Panda” last year, got caught on camera urinating on someone’s garage door in West Hollywood.

Desiigner had to make an emergency stop when driving around a residential neighborhood in West Hollywood, TMZ reported on Wednesday, showing a video of the “Panda” hitmaker with his pants down. Desiigner risked getting a public urination ticket, but it looks like the rapper had nowhere else to go to do the deed.

Desiigner, whose real name is Sidney Royel Selby III, had to pull over his red BMW i8 to pee on someone’s property in the middle of the day. But the whole thing was caught on camera. The video shows pedestrians and other cars passing by as the rapper relieved himself in public.

After Desiigner finished urinating, he hurried back across the street and hopped back into the luxury car. Although it seems that the rapper was riding shotgun this time, he owns the red BMW i8, as seen from a May 2017 video. According to Wikimedia, pricing for the BMW i8 destined for the U.S. market starts at $135,925.

Sources told TMZ that right before Desiigner was caught red handed peeing on someone’s garage, he took pictures with his fans on the street and loaded his car with some to-go bags from Fresh Corn Grill, a farmers market in Los Angeles.

Desiigner’s public urination stunt caused a Twitter meltdown, with many users taking to the social media platform to ridicule the “Panda” hitmaker for peeing in public on a resident garage in California. Some even branded him as “Peesiigner,” while others wondered if the rapper’s urine increased the property value.

One user suggested Desiigner should have used a “water bottle,” while another one pointed out that “at least he didn’t squat.” Another Twitter user from California wondered if one song got Desiigner that car, referring to 2016’s hit single “Panda,” which topped the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 last year. The single was even sampled by Kanye West for his seventh solo studio album, The Life of Pablo.

Desiigner got very wet during his performance at the 2017 BET Experience STAPLES Center Concert in California
Desiigner got caught peeing on someone's garage door. [Image by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET]

Some users rushed to Desiigner’s defense, and argued that “sometimes it’s hard to hold it in until you get somewhere that you can go,” which is why “they need to put more public restrooms around” to prevent peeing in public. Others argued that the rapper didn’t pee on the garage door.

Although public urination is not a crime in California, it is considered a wobbler, which means the prosecutor can file it either as misdemeanor or an infraction, according to law firm Sevens Legal.

[Featured Image by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP Images]