David Cassidy Honored By Heartbroken Brother Shaun Cassidy: Touching Memories Of ‘Partridge Family’ Star

David Cassidy urged the world to “C’mon, Get Happy” in what became fans’ most treasured memories of The Partridge Family star. But after David’s sudden death at just 67-years-old, those same fans are uniting with friends and family in mourning the loss of the man who broke teenagers’ hearts as a teenager himself and charmed Baby Boomer audiences as an adult. Cassidy died on November 21.

Shaun Cassidy Stayed By David Cassidy’s Side During Final, Heartbreaking Hours

While outsiders remember Cassidy on television shows and concerts, his younger brother Shaun Cassidy has unique and touching memories of growing up together. Stepping forward to offer his own recollections amid heartbreak, Shaun revealed that he was by David Cassidy’s side during his final days, reported Closer.

“Now, I will carry him, along with all of the funny/sad/extraordinary days we shared, none more filled with love than these last few at his side.”

Although David’s little brother is suffering from his loss, Shaun is focusing on holding onto and sharing his memories of Cassidy. Turning to Twitter on November 22, Shaun recalled what it was like growing up with David.

While Cassidy soared on The Partridge Family and became famous for teen magazine covers, Shaun broke out on TV shows such as The Hardy Boys. The Cassidy brothers came together for Broadway, performing as a team in Blood Brothers in 1993.

David Cassidy smiles as Shaun Cassidy's mother Shirley Jones kisses him.
David Cassidy smiles as Shaun Cassidy's mother Shirley Jones kisses him. [Image by Don Liebig/Getty Images]

The 59-year-old remembered playing with Cassidy by having pillow fights and telling tales about their father. Shaun is the oldest son of Shirley Jones and Jack Cassidy, while David’s parents are Jack Cassidy and actress Evelyn Ward.

Partridge Family Star Entertained Shaun Cassidy With Pillow Fights And Family Stories

“When I was a little boy and my big brother would come to visit, the first call of business would be a punishing pillow fight,” recalled Shaun. “During the battle, he would regale me with hysterical stories of our father.”

Cassidy remembered David taking a “giant leap” from the top bunk, with Shaun attempting to catch his big brother.

“I tried to catch him of course. I always tried to catch him. But I never could.”

Although some family members had strained relationships with David during the years when he allegedly abused alcohol, they joined Shaun in rushing to be with Cassidy during his last days. As David’s liver and kidneys failed, he was in a coma at one point. But Cassidy was awake and aware during part of the weekend to cherish final quality hours with his family.

David Cassidy: Death Brings Outpouring Of Love And Sympathy For Family, Who Shares Heartbreak

On Twitter, fans responded to Shaun Cassidy’s memories with love and sympathy.

“So sorry for your loss. #RIPDavidCassidy,” wrote one fan.

“I loved #DavidCassidy and I’ve never heard a bad fan story about him. He seemed to love his fans,” posted another fan in responses to Shaun’s memories.

Beau Cassidy shared his own love for his father, vowing to “always, always love” David Cassidy.

I’ll always, always love you

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Fans also responded on Instagram, expressing their sorrow for the family’s loss and sharing their own insights into what David Cassidy meant to his fans.

“[David Cassidy] made such a difference in this world. He brought joy & happiness.”

Shaun responded to the praise for his brother by thanking everyone for their “love and good wishes,” revealing that it “means the world to all of us.”

David Cassidy Cause Of Death

The Partridge Family actor and singer’s cause of death was organ failure, according to Health. In a statement, his family described David’s final hours.

“David died surrounded by those he loved, with joy in his heart and free from the pain that had gripped him for so long.”

Shaun Cassidy and other family members expressed appreciation for the “abundance and support” that fans provided. However, they revealed minimal details about the cause of Cassidy’s death.

It is known that David was hospitalized for liver and kidney failure and needed a liver transplant. Cassidy had been candid about struggling with alcoholism and dementia. It is not known, however, whether alcohol abuse might have contributed to his death.

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