Do New Leaked ‘Game Of Thrones’ Photos Reveal A Top Secret Season 8 Plot Point?

Season 8 of Game of Thrones may be over a year away yet production for the final season has already begun. SyFy Wire reports that large sets are under construction in Ireland and some photos of the sets have made their way onto Twitter. With each of the final six episodes having a $15 million budget, the massive sets might provide some major hints about the final season.

Will There Be Another Battle At King’s Landing?

The end of Season 7 saw Cersei Lannister alone but still sitting on the iron throne. The sets that are being built in Belfast look like city walls and gates, not unlike a few we’ve seen in King’s Landing. King’s Landing was the site of a major battle back in Season 2, and with the mad queen willing to do whatever it takes to remain in power, the series will likely feature another epic showdown in the capital of Westeros.

Of course, there’s also the possibility that Arya gets to Cersei first and the Belfast set is another city, such as Harrenhal in the north. Either way, the massive set will play a pivotal role as the series wraps up its many storylines.

Winterfell Will Be A Major Focal Point In The Final Season

According to International Business Times, Game of Thrones crews were also actively constructing sets at the Higgins estate in Ireland. The set is supposedly the site of Winterfell, which will certainly play a large role in the coming season.

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The White Walkers and their undead army finally made it past the northern wall during the Season 7 finale, and they should be converging on Winterfell at some point next season. Based on the location of the Stark family hold, it is reasonable to assume that this battle will take place before King’s Landing. That said, you never know what Game of Thrones has planned, and it’s possible that the new sets don’t have anything to do with major battles.

HBO has not revealed when the 8th and final season of Game of Thrones will premiere, though it is expected to be released in late 2018 or early 2019.

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