Is Meghan Markle Playing Cupid For Kate Middleton’s Brother James?

Meghan Markle might be playing matchmaker for Kate Middleton’s brother, James. International Business Times reports that the Suits star is trying to hook James up with her close pal and fellow actress Priyanka Chopra. Will Markle succeed in playing cupid with her future in-laws?

Markle and Chopra — Two Best Friends

It’s no secret that Markle and Chopra are great friends. The actresses frequent each other’s social media accounts and have been spotted together in public on several occasions. Chopra has also talked kindly about her friendship with Markle in numerous interviews. It now looks as though Markle is returning the favor and trying to hook her up with James Middleton. Whether or not Markle succeeds, of course, is yet to be seen. But it sounds like the two are already hitting it off rather nicely.

James And Chopra’s First Date

An inside source claims that Markle set up a lunch for Chopra and James several weeks ago. James was apparently in Los Angeles at the time and they hit it off so well they followed it up with dinner. The source says that if things continue like this then there’s a good chance that Chopra and Markle become distant relatives. If James and Chopra end up getting married, however, that will not make the actress a part of the royal family. While James is the brother of a royal family member, that doesn’t make him a royal. Markle, on the other hand, will become a part of the royal family if she and Prince Harry tie the knot.

James Middleton seeks investors to keep his business going but sister Kate Middleton is not happy about it. [Image by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]Featured image credit: credit

But Are These Rumors Too Good To Be True?

Although these rumors sound pretty good on the surface, Markle and James have never been seen together outside of Pippa Middleton’s wedding this past summer. Given their loose connection, it’s unlikely that Markle is setting up her close friend with somebody she barely knows. In fact, a source close to Meghan Markle told Gossip Cop that she is not playing matchmaker with Kate’s brother. While it would be great to see James Middleton find someone close to Harry, it sounds like the rumors are completely false.

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