Camilla Parker Bowles Is Reportedly 'Annoyed' Prince Charles Is Considering William And Kate Take The Throne

Perry Carpenter

Just days ago, stories began to surface that Prince Charles is considering stepping aside when Queen Elizabeth dies and letting Prince William become the next King of England. But, there is one member of the royal family that is reportedly opposed to the idea. Is Camilla Parker Bowles fuming over the idea that her husband may not get his rightful place on the throne?

Bowles believes it her husband's destiny to be King and has told her husband to "man up and fight" for his rightful place on the throne.

The Queen does not have the power to choose whoever she wishes to follow her as the next monarch. The 1701 Act of Settlement is what determines succession to the throne, and it requires that a monarch's heir must be a direct successor (and a protestant). That person is Charles, not William, and the Queen does not have the power to change the law.

As for the likelihood that Charles would abdicate and let William take his place, the chances are small. Even though the last royal to abdicate was King Edward VIII, due to his desire to marry Wallis Simpson – a divorced woman whose husbands were both still alive – it is no longer 1936 and Charles' marriage to Bowles (who was a divorcee when they wed in 2005) does not affect his claim to the throne.

Another issue to consider is that Prince William is not ready for the job and may not even want it right now. As the father of two young children, with another baby on the way, his focus is his growing family and not the responsibilities life of being a King.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip recently celebrated their 70th anniversary, and despite handing over one recent royal duty to Prince Charles, she shows no other signs of slowing down.