David Cassidy Remembered: Who Were ‘The Partridge Family’ Star’s Three Wives And Children?

As fans remember Partridge Family star David Cassidy, who died at the age of 67, many want to know more about the late star’s family. The talented singer and actor was married three times and had two children. What do we know about the family of the man who played iconic television character Keith Partridge? Here are some answers, as reported by Newsweek.

Kay Lenz

According to People, David Cassidy’s first wife was actress Kay Lenz. The couple married on April 3, 1977, two and a half months after meeting on a blind date, but their marriage only lasted four years, officially divorcing two years after they separated. Yet, over a decade after her divorce, she clearly had fond memories of David Cassidy.

“I absolutely adored him.”

According to People, Lenz admitted that her marriage was “doomed” from the start. Her marriage to the Partridge Family star came with a lot of strings attached, and although she had spent her life in acting, she was not prepared for the craziness that came after their “whirlwind” marriage.

“I wasn’t used to that state-of-stardom life-style. When we eloped it was on the national news. All of a sudden I was getting mail from women telling me that they had three of his children.”

The California-born native started her career as a child actor in shows like Andy Griffith and, when she was older, was nominated for an Emmy in the immensely popular series Rich Man, Poor Man, which starred a fresh-faced Nick Nolte. Over a decade later, Lenz eventually earned her Emmy in the television movie Midnight Caller. Many fans of MTV remember the stunning Kay Lenz in the Rod Stewart video “Infatuation.”

Kay Lenz has continued to act, but she has been out of the spotlight, working with charitable groups like the Sea Save Foundation. She never remarried, nor did she have children.

Actress Kay Lenz was David Cassidy's first wife. [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]
Actress Kay Lenz was David Cassidy's first wife. [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

Meryl Tanz

In 1984, David married South African-born Meryl Tanz. According to Newsweek, the two had been partners in a horse-breeding and racing business, and their relationship bloomed, although this marriage lasted less than two years. She now owns a lavender growing business called Clairmont Farms in Los Olivos, California.

Actor and singer David Cassidy embraces his new bride Meryl Tanz in Easton, MD., on Dec. 15, 1984. (AP Photo)

Susan Shifrin

David Cassidy’s third wife is Sue Shifrin. The couple married in 1991 and had a son, Beau Devin Cassidy. Although they were married for 24 years, the marriage quickly deteriorated and Cassidy’s money and health troubles became public.

“I am going through bankruptcy proceedings at the moment. This is necessary for practical reasons to reorganize my life as I go through divorce and to restructure my finances.”

David Cassidy was married to Sue Shifrin for 25 years. [Image by Evan Agostini/Getty Images]
David Cassidy was married to Sue Shifrin for 25 years. [Image by Evan Agostini/Getty Images]

Katie Cassidy

As People reports, Arrow fans are well acquainted with the late star’s talented daughter Katie, who portrays Laurel Lance/Black Canary.

The daughter of former model Sherry Williams and David Cassidy, People explains that Katie was raised by her mother and stepfather Richard Benedon. Her biological father instead became her mentor, despite their mercurial relationship.

“Because I didn’t raise her, I didn’t have to parent her. I’m always here and totally nonjudgmental.”

Katie told the magazine that her father’s advice was invaluable. He told her that it was always about the “work.”

“Do not work for money Do not work for fame. Work for the work. And if you get a great role and they offer you nothing, take it.”

Katie, who recently became engaged to Matthew Rogers, said that she followed his advice.

“That’s all he’s said, and I’ve taken the advice.”

Beau Cassidy

David’s son, Beau Cassidy, was described by the late star as “one of the best people you’ll ever meet.” Following in his father’s musical footsteps, Beau is a musician and songwriter, and he claims his music is “edgier” than his father’s or his uncle Shaun’s.

I’ll always, always love you

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Clearly proud of his roots, his bio on his Facebook page who he is in his proud Cassidy family tree.

“Beau Cassidy is proof positive that genetics is a major factor in generational talent. He gets his talent from a long lineage of unbelievably talented and successful musicians, performers, songwriters and actors. His father is David Cassidy, the #1 Pop Icon of the 70’s (The Partridge Family); his uncle is Shaun Cassidy, Teen Star of the 70’s(and TV star of The Hardy Boys); His grandfather, Jack Cassidy was a world renowned actor and performer; his step grandmother, Shirley Jones is a singer/actress; and his mother, Sue Shifrin Cassidy, is a former songwriter and recording artist. In addition, his sister is Katie Cassidy, actress and star of the new TV series, Arrow.

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