‘Criminal Minds’ Spoilers: BAU Goes After Obsessed Killer Who Loves Media Attention

Criminal Minds spoilers tease a faceoff between BAU and the press. The team will go after an attention-seeking killer, and they need to prevent the press from covering the deeds of the unsub. Their new target is someone who kills more people as his name gains more popularity.

Criminal Minds Season1 3, Episode 8 spoilers reveal the team will head out to Miami. A criminal tries to sensationalize his crimes by providing the media with exclusive footage. The local media wants to publish a big story, and they will refuse to cooperate with BAU.

A sneak peak of the upcoming episode of Criminal Minds tease JJ (A.J. Cook) and Rossi (Joe Mantegna) will face the news editor of a local paper. They will ask the station to stop publishing stories about the criminal. They also want to prevent the paper from christening the murderer as this will only flatter the unsub’s ego and lead to more killings.

In Criminal Minds, Episode 8, the news editor for the local press will refuse to cooperate with JJ and Rossi. She will justify her actions as journalistic integrity. She will point out it is her job to inform the public of what’s happening, and it is their job to keep people safe.

Spoilers reveal JJ will try to make her see reason. The agents will also ask her about her source and why she has access to information which should only be available to the police. JJ will point out innocent people are dying, but the editor will not reveal her protected source. She will not reveal anything unless she has an attorney by her side.

The information leak will make it harder to find out who the culprit is. Given the demeanor of the local media, BAU needs to resort to other means to force the press to stop feeding the ego of the criminal.

The team will suspect the criminal could be part of the media. The perpetrator wants to be unforgettable, and he will enjoy the attention the press is giving him. The team will also get the feeling that the unsub was the one who created the story, hence the exclusive footage of his kills.

Criminal Minds spoilers tease more action-packed scenes as the team goes after another killer on Wednesday at 10 p.m.

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