‘Dragon Ball Super’ Teases Frieza’s Secret Plan

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Dragon Ball Super is currently busy with the second half of the Tournament of Power, which recently eliminated both the female Saiyan fighters from Universe 6, Kale and Caulifla. Universe 7 still has six surviving warriors, including Frieza, who was only resurrected by Fortuneteller Baba at Goku’s request. Despite the rest of team U7 members’ protests, the former emperor of evil became part of the team to participate in the battle royale.

However, everyone suspects that he will eventually betray his team, although Dragon Ball Super has yet to confirm this in the upcoming episodes. The recent episode had fans buzzing when the villain was shown planning what he can do with Goku’s Ultra Instinct when the hero’s fight with Kafla drained all his energy. The resurrected baddie gave a troubling smile while gauging the hero’s new transformation, and the fandom was convinced he has terrifying plans in the Tournament of Power.

The most recent episode saw Frieza analyzing the Ultra Instinct and said that Goku unlocks the form once he undergoes an intense physical activity such as fighting a powerful warrior. What’s more disturbing was when he said that he needs the hero to continue working for him. Whatever this is, fans believe that the villain will certainly surprise everyone soon.

“Ultra Instinct, I see. After all, to gain that incredible power, he must endure a great deal of physical strain. Son Goku, I’m going to need you to continue to work for me.”

Frieza’s resurrection on Dragon Ball Super was conditional, and he was only revived throughout the duration of the battle royale. Fans can recall that he only agreed to be part of Goku’s team because he has a chance to return from the dead for good through the Super Dragon Balls. Comic Book pointed out that the villain has all the chances to do anything he wants in the tournament, but that might put Universe 7 in danger.

On the other hand, some fans tried to weigh in the resurrected villain’s possible betrayal in Dragon Ball Super. If he helps team Universe 7 win, then he gets the chance to live again for good. If he will indeed turn his back on them, it only means one thing – he can kiss his resurrection goodbye.

It can be recalled when Frieza revealed his plans if he wins the tournament. He told everyone that he will control all the Gods of Destruction using the Super Dragon Balls. Fans were quick to speculate that he might just become one of the Zenos if he wishes to be part of them.

The items are too powerful and can destroy everything, including the powerful gods. The baddie is expected to go back into action in one of the upcoming episodes, according to Todd Blankenship’s English translation from the Japanese text he shared on Twitter. Yes, the good ol’ Frieza is back.

Dragon Ball Super airs on Crunchyroll on Saturdays at 7:15 p.m. CST.

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